There are thousands of researches are available on the web on Amazon affiliate marketing. But when I search for a step by step guideline for me I have found some articles that are not appropriate for a beginner.

So, if anybody wants to start affiliate marketing they will not be able to get a proper guideline on how to start affiliate marketing. I always wanted to do something for the new marketers for a long period of time.

As you also need a step by step process, but you have to admit that it is a long term process. If I want to show you the right path, I have to spend lots of sleepless nights to research and create an outline for you.

I am a bit lazy person and this is the only reason why I have not started to write something for you yet.

Today, I have decided to start writing a guideline about affiliate marketing from beginning to end on my website. This website is all about affiliate marketing guideline.

amazon affiliate marketing

 If, you are new to affiliate marketing, you will get a basic idea and the proper way to start. Even if you are already working on it, you can refresh your ideas and strategies from here.

This step by step guideline will be divided into several articles.

Because, if the article is so long, you might get lost and it will be boring as well.

Today, I will start with the basics of affiliate marketing, like what is it, why you need to do that and if it seems interesting, how to start this money making business.

So, why are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a process of earning money by selling other companies products online through affiliate networks.  Basically it is a process of revenue sharing.

Say for example, you are a manufacturer and your company makes lipstick.

So, if you share a financial incentive or commission to the promoters through affiliate programs and if they are successful marketers and able to sell your products they will earn a certain amount of commission.

That marketer will be called as an affiliate marketer and this process of marketing of a marketer is called the affiliate marketing.

What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is actually a dream of lots of people. The reason is that if you do affiliate marketing, you will make money even when you are sleeping.

Another reason is that, you don’t need to invest money for a place for your office or products or for a shop to sell them. What you need to buy a domain and hosting, create a website and promote other companies products online. If you can sell products, you can earn. It’s simple.

This is a very old and popular sales strategy for increasing product sales. Amazon has also created an affiliate programs to increase their sales as well which is known as Amazon Affiliate Program.

Amazon is conducting their Affiliate program successfully for the last 12 years. It is one of the oldest and popular affiliate programs.

So, the moral story of an amazon affiliate marketing is that you need to choose products from the millions of products of Amazon and you need to promote and sell it to the potential customers. Then you can can a certain amount of commission. The amount of commission is fixed on each and every categories.

amamzon affiliate guide

Why Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Amazon has thousands of products on their website. None of the online e-commerce shops have these kinds of vast product collection on their website. As the number of product is huge, so you can promote a large number of products from here.

If you analyse the logo of amazon, there is a sign that indicates from A to Z. that means if a product has been invented and available on earth that must be available on Amazon.

You can promote and sell any kind of products from Amazon you want except some products that are not available in amazon affiliate program. But that number of product is very few.

The most interesting thing that always encourage me to work on Amazon affiliate program is that, no matter what products you are promoting, if a visitor visits Amazon from your website and buy something else, you will get the commission for that product. Not only that if he does $1000 shopping within 24 hours you will get incentives based on the category.

Let me clear it with an example, suppose you sell baby products on your website. If a visitor visits Amazon from your website and buy a television, you will get the incentive. If he buys fifty products and none of them are baby products you will earn money. This is a golden opportunity that nobody will give you.

The incentive is too low ! Why Amazon

According to the table mentioned above, the percentage of incentive is too low in Amazon. Now, you might be thinking why should you join Amazon Affiliate Program. Let me clear it to you.

The conversion rate on Amazon is more than other affiliate programs. If you work with other affiliate networks then you can differentiate.

Most of the marketers always complain that the percentage of incentive is too low for the promoters. You cannot earn that much you are expecting.

The truth is, yes, the rate of commision might be low but the conversion rate is high. Say for example, if we talk about other affiliate networks, among 100 people, may be 5-10 people can buy your products.

But on Amazon the ratio is higher. As it is an authentic site and they are doing their business for more than a decade, so they ensure quality products and service. This is the reason why people buy from Amazon.

So, if you promote Amazon products, people will definitely buy it. If they don’t buy yours but redirects to Amazon from your website and buy anything from there, you will definitely earn.

The ratio might be low but the profit is unbelievable. So, due to the higher conversion rate, working on Amazon is not a loss project. This is the reason why I always love to work with Amazon.

Possibilities of Amazon Affiliate Marketing in Future

I always say that, Future is uncertain. If you do well, the result will be good and vice versa. If I talk about Amazon Affiliate Program, I would say, it is actually a gold mine.

If you do your research properly, keep patience, invest proper time and money, it is possible for you to earn your living from here and make your dreams come true.

Though everyone’s need is not the same. From my experience, I believe that if you work hard, you can see the results. You just need to have patience. Time will show you the way to success.

However, you can sell amazon affiliate websites online. There are some websites available that will help you to buy and sell your website. This is another way of earning a lot of money.

Create a website, make it approved from Amazon, run it for a few months and sell it. You can earn more in this process. I will not go in depth right now.

I will write an article on it very soon. Till then I would appreciate if you keep tuning to our website.

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