Earning money from home has become a trending profession nowadays. Right now people don’t want to do a nine to five job and don’t want to face the corporate politics and all. Now everybody wants to be independent. They want a job that can be done anytime they want to work. 

They can select their own schedule for work. Even the reputed companies are now hiring freelancers globally to do their job. Because they can get their work at an affordable price that they never think of.

But the bad side is, the greed of earning more money can take people on the wrong track. There are thousands of websites who will tell you to give money for doing their work. The job is pretty simple but they are offering you the amount that is absurd. 

I found many people who ask me does outsourcing work? Is it helpful to earn money from home? I would say yes. But you need to research and choose the right platform and job for you.

Today I am going to tell you about the best survey websites to earn money online. Some of you may know it, and some of you may not. But I will discuss it in brief so that it will be helpful for everyone.

What is a Survey Website?

A survey website is a platform to do web surveys. It is a way of collecting information about the consumers. Say, for example, You are launching a gadget from your company. Now if you want to know about the taste, and features they like you need to do it. If you want to grab a larger market, a web survey is the best way to know your customers.

Best Survey Websites for Earning Money

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While researching about Survey website, I have found so many websites related to survey. But unfortunately, most of them assure you to pay money but they actually don’t. With hours of research, studying and watching reviews, I have come up with some best survey websites which will help you to earn money.

I have used some of them personally and their previous records assure that they will pay you money.

So, the best survey websites are

Survey Junkie

In the world of survey sites, Survey Junkie is the one and only one who possesses the top position for many years.  The easiest way to earn real cash online even when you are doing other tasks.

It is very simple to sign you up with Survey Junkie using an email address or Facebook etc.

You will be rewarded with extra points when you complete your profile on Survey Junkie. You can earn $1-$3 per survey based on survey type and location.

The minimum amount to be eligible to withdraw the money is $10.

Survey Junkie used to use Paypal or GiftCards as their payment method. I prefer Survey Junkie because of its simple user interface, no spam emails, and it’s free.


OnePoll is one of the best survey websites for earning money. It is such a website that helps its users by providing unique data and insights. OnePoll has a dedicated expert panel who design your questions and deliver richer insights to you. 

Since the beginning, OnePoll has 70,000+ panel members till now. Besides, in 2018 around 50,000 questions have been answers. Not only that approximately 2,500 surveys were done in 2018.


Swagbucks is one of my most favorite survey websites so far. Right Now, Swagbucks is the most popular rewards program on the internet which offers you free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you are doing online.

So far, Swagbucks has already paid out over $400,000,000 in cash and free gift cards. Besides, they provide around 7,000 free gift cards an everyday single day. So, you can understand how authentic they are. You can join this website for free. 

You can earn $1 USD per survey. Each survey will take around 10 minutes that means you can earn $6 USD/hour.


LifePoints is a global community that has over 50,00,000 members. It is another great survey website to earn money. You will be able to work for the world’s largest companies and directly. Here you will be participating in their survey activities. As soon as you are done with your survey you will earn some life points.  These life points will bring rewards to you. 


Toluna offers consumer insights based on the on-demand economy. It connects consumers and businesses in real-time. If you want to earn money from here, you need to register yourself. So, when you register yourself on Toluna, they will ask for your personal information to better match with the appropriate market research projects. I need to mention that they never sell your information to any telemarketers or ad agencies. They keep your information private. If you work in Toluna you can earn £3.75 an hour.


               Survey sites are becoming popular with people who earn some extra money besides their formal job. Survey sites offer easy tasks to earn money. Completing a survey is very easier and needs no additional expertise. That’s why ordinary people take it as their second profession.

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