The young generation has been blessed with updated technologies. These technologies have made our life easier. It saves a lot of our time, money, and energy. On the other hand, these technologies are making us insecure. All of our private information is available on the internet. We don’t know when we can be a victim of online threats.

We know we have updated technologies. But somewhere in our mind, we feel the importance of our old generation. We have emails, WhatsApp, and other instant messaging services. But the importance of fax in our lives cannot be described in words.

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Many people think that the fax is from our old generation. Why should we use it? But let me tell you that there is no other secure way of communication than fax. It is the most secure way that we can ever have.

In many countries, fax is still popular. Security is not the only reason. There are some other reasons as well.

Today, I am going to share my views on why do people still use fax machines? If you also want to know about it, stay tuned!

Legal & Social Acceptance

Fax has a legal and social acceptance since the late 1980s. There are many organizations in the United States who still prefer fax rather than emails.


Fax is in the market for the last 177+ years. It is the most secure way of communication. FAX uses the PSTN network which helps you to encrypt your information. No one will be able to hack and download your confidential data. 

Many Businesses still use faxes

There are many organizations in the United States, Germany, and Japan that are still using Fax as their way of business communication. To keep doing business with those companies their clients need to use the fax machine as well.


Those who are doing small businesses, and using fax for a long time, they are actually comfortable with fax machines. Most of the owners of those organizations are not interested to change the way of communication and spend money on that.

International Popularity

Fax is internationally popular. Almost 80% of global organizations are using fax. When you will be doing business, it is important to use fax machines at your company as well.

Final Words

Fax is one of the oldest ways of communication for a business. It has been around 177 years fax is being used by many famous companies around the world. The reason is affordability, security, flexibility, and authenticity. 

Though Fax is trying to adapt to new technologies many companies still prefer to use fax machines, rather than using an online fax service.

It is obvious that when you are used to something, you will not want to change it. The same thing goes to fax machines as well. Those companies are feeling comfortable using fax machines won’t change their way of communication.

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