Are you tired of finding good online backup software to secure your information?

Do you want to know how online backup software works?

Do you want to know which the best online backup software is?

So today’s article is only for you.

I was thinking for a few months to write this about, but I didn’t get enough time for researching. After researching for a month and by using some tools from them, I know what is best for you.

Let’s get started by identifying what online backup software is. 

What is Online Backup Software?

Online backup software is a necessary element to secure information made and stored on the web. These tools are used for a range of styles of info and files.

Firms and businesses use online backup tools to make sure business continuity just in case hardware devices fail, and data are accidentally deleted, or for making specific future access to information on the web.

These tools are very much different from online software backup technology as they operate through the web and store native or web-based files online.

Whereas server or online backup solutions manage primarily on-premise to make sure broken or haywire servers don’t lead to sudden information loss. These tools will facilitate you to make a copy of something from your computer or mobile device to entire information centres and databases.

If you own business and if you are hoping to avoid a data-loss catastrophe then you must invest in online backup solutions to confirm your business, worker and client information and data can be obtained in future.

Common Features of Backup Software

Since there are many kinds of online backup software, it can be beneficial to ensure the features before choosing the best online backup software.

There are some general capabilities which must be included:

1.    Scheduled Backups

2.    Storage formats

3.    On-demand restoration

4.    Remote backup

5.    Disaster recovery

6.     Backup reporting services

7.     Backup security services

The best online backup software must store files and data on the cloud. It should be integrated with other applications to sync with endpoints for backing up files.

 It should provide online access to backup controls and information. If you want to protect your computer from data loss, then you must look for these features.

Most Popular Online Backup Software Tools

•    Altaro VM Backup

•    Code42

•    UpSafe Cloud Backup for Business

•    Veeam Availability Suite

•    Mozy

•    Acronis True image

•    Backblaze

•    MiniTool Power Data Recovery

•    IDrive Online Backup

•    Opendrive

•    Unitrends

•    SolarWinds Backup

•    BackupGenie

•    GoDaddy Website Backup

•    CloudBerry Backup

Altaro VM Backup

Altaro VM Backup is one of the most popular online backup software which provides secure backup and restores virtual machines (VMware-based). It also provides with advanced functionality at an unbeatable and unmatched value.

Altaro VM Backup helps to eliminate hassle and headaches by using an easy-to-use interface which is a straightforward setup and a good backup solution that gets the work done in a little time. It is very much hassle free and easy to use.

It gives outstanding support in packages. So if you are thinking of online backup software, you can easily choose it without the second thought.

Code42 (CrashPlan for Small Business)

 If you don’t like complexity then you must choose Code42 as they provide safeguard, monitor and cloud data without creating a block of user productivity.

Very few backup software will give you such amazing features that you will find in Code42 and Crashplan.

CrashPlan is a sub-product f Code42. It is mainly designed for small business owners who need to keep their data backup using a low cost tool.

Powerful data backup and storage at relatively reasonable price is only possible at Code42.

For Storing and processing data, Code42 is the best solution for all kinds of people. Just add it, and you are tension free. Try this tool today and gain your experience with code42 and CrashPlan.

UpSafe Cloud Backup

 It is one of my favourites as I used for many years. In my opinion, Upsafe Backup provides a best and flexible backup solution for Google G Suite for business Gmail and Office 365.

It helps you to save the critical data from your SaaS application. I must say that it allows you to focus on what matters for your business, programs & projects.

Just with a few clicks you can set up the solution on your own without anyone’s help and can start your Google G Suite backup and Office 365 back up immediately.

Then, when you feel necessary, restore the files which you will need through granular or by using full recovery. So isn’t it easy to install it? So what are you thinking?  If you think it can help you go for it without hesitation.

Veeam Availability Suite

If you want your data manageable with good online backup software then I must include this because I think it helps you to get your best. You will acquire an advanced backup with restore and replication facilities.

If you need rapid recovery with verification, then no other tools can match it. Your data will be secured with a guaranteed recovery of every file, every virtual server and every application-whenever you want.

It provides low-risk deployment, low RPOs and streamlined disaster recovery. So what more do you want? Isn’t it fantastic to get all things from software?


 If you own industry and if you have the tension of losing your business data then it is the best solution you will ever get. You are getting best with cheap to high rate packages. The features are amazing.

Mozy provides you automatic cloud backup, encryption of your files, centralised management and admin controls, remote file access to virtual applications, image backup and bare-metal restore, external hard drive backup, FERPA, GLBA & HIPAA support and 365 days support.

Do you want anything more?

As a business owner, you need it to secure your information and to be relaxed.

Acronis True Image

  Only from $49.00 you can get the best experience of online backup software. Yes, you hear it right. Oops, not hearing reading. You can get a reliable backup service from Acronis True Image.

You will get new upgrades of protection from time to time. With crypto mining blocker, all malware of your files can be detected, and without any threat, you can get your data without the virus.

Powerful protection tools will provide you with the best secure online backup software tool services. It is not only flexible but also versatile, compatible and visual so modern threats will be protected by current software. So you can try it without thinking twice.


You can use this online backup software if you are individual or if you own a big business and also if you need B2 cloud storage.

Isn’t it amazing?

You can try it for free if you want a personal backup of your laptop or pc.  If you own business and your firm need backup then just only $5 in a month can protect you from losing your precious data.

Does that mean only $60 for a year?

 Yes, you are reading it right.

And if you want B2 cloud storage then create an account and get 10 GB free absolutely. Now I am getting excited. Wow.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery

 If you are both MAC and Windows user then it can be a tremendous beneficial tool for you. You can start a free trial without investing money. Even you could recover your files if it were deleted.

It provides you to get access to data from CD/DVD. You can also improve your data from damaged/lost/deleted partition.

Not only these you can also enhance your data from digital media. They have separate packages for home and business users. It is safe and reliable data recovery online backup software. So try it.

IDrive Online Backup

It is a one-stop solution. Yeah, it is a one-stop solution for all of your iPhones, IPads, MACs, PCs and Android Devices. You will not find like this as it is an excellent overall online backup software service which is providing you with a full-featured IDrive, especially for the low price.

It is very flexible, versatile and easy to use. If you have multiple machines to backup, then it will be the best choice for you. When you are finding online backup software for everything like backup, storage, sharing and also local backup, then IDrive is here to do everything.


  I usually prefer customizable plans for online backup software. And With Opendrive I got that opportunity. With reasonable pricing and customised planning, I like it most.

It has an excellent web interface with a mostly good capability which is drag and drop capability. OpenDrive provides highly customizable plans which let you save your necessary documents to the cloud and also sync and share files across your multiple devices.

This online backup software also integrates productivity features. Wow. Yes, you are reading it right. You can incorporate your notes and tasks. So I advise people to go for it.


For IT professionals it is the best tool.  It is straightforward to deploy and very manageable. For IT pros it is all in one backup service.  You will need less management for your data.  You are getting more flexibility, more time, more confidence and more uptime.

You can backup your data, applications with only this software.  So back up, recover and restore like Pros with Unitrends.

SolarWinds Backup

If you are searching online backup software with modern design and reliability without thinking of cost and complexity then SolarWinds Backup is just for you.

It is providing you with unified service, cloud-based backup service and also flexibility for your physical and virtual servers. It is too reliable enough to handle large and small machines and applications.

Not only you are getting fast backup and rapid restore for your claims, but also it comes with built-in compression. It looks simple at-a-glance Global, but it provides you with the best without any hidden costs.


BackupGenie is good for those who love simplicity. They have planned for everyone. You can Sync your files across all computers and physical devices and also you can access your work from anywhere at any time.

It is easy to use, and it has an automated backup service. It is a secure online backup.  Just download, set, sit back and relax. You are secured with BackupGenie.

GoDaddy Website Backup

 Right now in My PC and Laptop I am using GoDaddy Website Backup. Let me tell you why. I have a website, and with GoDaddy, I am secure because it is providing me safeguard with my site and my all data with automatic backups.

It is too cheap and too good. It gives you 5GB at $2.99 to get started and 100 GB at only $12.99 for a month.

So I think I am not just arriving at cheap but also getting all kinds of facilities with one click. So my opinion is to try it for a month, and never will you use any online backup software again.

CloudBerry Backup

Last but not least.

CloudBerry provides a complete data protection solution for those who are involved in IT and IT service providers. It offers full protection of customer endpoints and servers.

You are getting windows, Linux, and Mac protection with only this software alone.  You can easily store and backup locally and also to the public cloud. 

I love their remote management and monitoring service of data. It is very flexible and integrated with popular RMM / PSA solutions with disaster recovery from the cloud.

So these are the online backup software tools from you can choose the best according to your taste and usages.

Final Words

I know you become such a bore by reading a long article. But trust me I have tried to make it short. So if you are thinking to choose online backup software, then I will advise you to choose among these as they are providing their best services with various packages.

You can start your free trial for making sure that you have selected the right one. Don’t go for a cheap one because we all know that a reasonable thing doesn’t stay long.

So if you are confused, then you can see reviews from their websites and make the right choice.

No more today.  Have a great day. Be safe and secured.

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