While you are running a business, it is very important to maintain accounts. It will help you to figure out your profit-loss, expenses, etc. Most of the people are spending so much time maintaining accounts rather than thinking about how to expand their business.

There was a time when people maintain handwritten accounts. As time passes, people have learned of using computers and they have started hiring people to maintain their regular accounts.


With the blessings of technology, maintaining accounts has become very easy. Now, the software developers have introduced cloud accounting software, which makes our lives easy. Now you can easily maintain your accounts by yourselves. It is very easy to use and you don’t need to hire anyone to do that.

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FreshBooks is cloud-based accounting software that will help you to maintain your accounts so that you can be more productive and expand your business.

FreshBooks is amazing software. It is an all-in-one package for small businesses. In this context, we will have an in-depth discussion about Freshbooks.

So, let’s jump into it.

What is FreshBooks?

Freshbooks is cloud-based accounting software. It has started its journey in 2003. Freshbooks is such a software which can make your work easy. Since the very beginning, it has served more than 24 million people globally.

Not only that, more than $60 million USD invoices have been paid through Freshbooks and 192+ hours have been saved by the people who are using this amazing cloud-based accounting software.

Freshbooks follow 4E Philosophy in their business. What does 4E mean? Well, 4E refers to, Execute, Extraordinary, Experiences, Everyday. They are smart people and they have come up with some great ideas to serve their clients. Freshbooks has an award-winning customer support team to support its customers 24/7/365.


Who uses Freshbooks?

Now hopefully you have a brief idea about Freshbooks. Right? Well, let me read your mind. You mind be thinking, you know about the product but is it appropriate for you? Who are the appropriate customers for this product?

Let me tell you that the FreshBooks accounting software is actually an All-In-One Small Business Invoicing and Accounting Solution for your business. It makes running your business easy, fast, and secure. That means you need to spend less time managing your accounts so that you can be more productive in your business activities.

Freshbooks software mainly uses by entrepreneurs, teams, and accountants. So, if you are a self-employed person and you need accounting software for your business, this is the one you should be looking for. It helps you to provide all kinds of services from invoicing and expenses to tax time prep and online payments.

Besides, you can keep your team on track with easy-to-use timesheets, expense tracking, and payroll integrations. It means you can handle your team activity more easily. You will have control of your business and can offer more time for your clients.

If you are an accountant and your client is looking for your help regarding taxes, hire staff or make important financial decisions, you should definitely use this software. Because it will help you to generate reports and information to give a proper solution to your clients

Features of FreshBooks

I know that all of you are waiting for this part. Not only you, even if I look for something, I also want to know the features that the product is offering. Freshbooks is offering numerous features to their clients. This is the reason that it is one of the best accounting software so far.

Run from anywhere

As I have said before that Freshbooks is a cloud-based software. That means all your information will be stored in the cloud storage. That also means that no matter where you are traveling or you can check you account from anywhere around the world. They have introduced apps for iOS and android which will make your work easier.

Customer Support

Freshbooks has an amazing award-winning and dedicated customer support team for their clients. Their customer service is really faster than anyone else. They are simply crazy, dedicated, fast, experienced, and helpful.


Freshbooks is really very concerned about the security of the information of their clients. They are working hard to protect your information from online threats. That’s why they are using industry-standard SSL and encryption for you.

Easy to use

Freshbooks is really easy to use. It has been designed is such a way that anyone who has basic computer skills can use this software. You don’t need to hire anyone to operate it. You just need to input entry and it will do the rest.



Think for a while. When you start a business, you need to hire a designer who will design professional invoices for you. Then you need to print it or you can either use the softcopy and use it when necessary. Then you need to hire an accountant who will manage your business accounts. Right? All of these cost money.

But, if you use Freshbooks, it will help you to create stunning, and professional invoices within seconds. Besides, you don’t need anyone to manage your accounts. You can do it by yourself. It’s easy. Isn’t it?


Organizing your expenses has never been an easier job for any of us. But those bad days are over. Throw out your shoeboxes with those receipts. Freshbooks will help you to organize all of your expenses easily and effortlessly. It helps you to track all your expenses at a glance.

Time Tracking

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When you are the boss or a team leader, you need to track down your teammate’s time on specific projects. While tracking them, you can’t be able to focus on your own work. 

Well, Freshbooks has introduced time-tracking facilities for you. Now you can easily track down your team. You don’t need to focus on your clock right now. You can focus on your work.

Time tracking will make you more productive. You don’t need to remember how long a project will take time to finish. You just need to sleep peacefully and focus on your own work. When you need to know anything, login to the time tracking and see the results at a glance on the dashboard.


Before I say something about it, I would love to share a story of why I have started using Freshbooks. As an entrepreneur, I have to deal with my clients every single day. When I am working on any project, it is obvious that the client will need some minor changes.

Every time I need to go and check my emails to find changes. If your mail is somehow got deleted, you are gone, my friend. So, when I face this issue, I started researching and guess what I find Freshbooks as a solution.

Freshbooks enables you to produce Better Work Faster with Your Team. Here you can also invite your contractors and it will help you to do your projects faster than ever. You can keep all our files separately based on your projects and access important files whenever it is necessary. 

Not only that but here the client can also give feedback in every step of your project. It is like a collaboration between you and your clients. Work-life will definitely become simple and easy with Freshbooks.


Payments are the most important thing in business. As we know money is honey. Jokes apart, what we usually see is that when we sell a product or service to our clients, most of the time our payments get delayed due to several reasons.

If you are using Freshbooks, you will get your payments faster than never. Freshbooks’ payments will allow your clients to pay directly through their invoices. You can add a payment option with just a single click.

Here, all the charges will be shown to you. There will be no hidden charges. Besides, you can receive advanced credit card payments online.

Moreover, as a FreshBooks user, you will get preferred ACH and credit card transaction rates, a dedicated Account Manager, customized training for both of you and your team, and so on.


Freshbooks has a perfect plan to support your business. It has two types of plans. You can go for their monthly or yearly plans. Both of the plans have four similar categories. They are Lite, Plus, Premium, and Select.

freshbooks pricing

All of them include numerous features. The price is really affordable in terms of the features they are offering. Select is basically a custom pricing package. It is for those businesses that are looking for customer service. Here, you will get a personal account manager, customized training facility, super low credit rates, and lots more features. You can request a demo of this feature, which will be completely free.

All the categories have some similar features. They are

  • Customized Professional Invoices
  • Accept online credit card payments and ACH bank transfers.
  • Expert customer support
  • Information Security

One Month FREE Trial!

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If you are still not sure to use Freshbooks or not, I would recommend you to use it for a month. Yes, try it at least for a month. It won’t cost you a single penny from your wallet. Freshbooks are offering a one-month free trial. You can cancel it anytime you want to.

So, it is a good opportunity to use such an amazing software to make yourself more productive. It will surely help you to grow your business.

Final Words

Freshbooks is an amazing software that will help you to grow your business. I have been using it for the past two years and I am highly satisfied with their service. If you are worried about its authenticity, let me tell you that, Freshbooks has already been featured in C|Net, Forbes, CNN, The New York Times, and in many famous blogs and newspapers. 

It has some great features that have come up with an affordable price. If you are a smart entrepreneur, don’t think just try it for a month. I think it will definitely be worth it.

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