Online businesses are growing rapidly. All the business owners are trying to grow their business. So in this competitive market, how you can gain a competitive advantage? About 80% of digital marketing failed after their startup.

So is there any certainty that your business will not be failed? There are thousands of strategies in the field of digital marketing; you cannot employ all the strategies.

Because it takes your resources like time, labor and money. The business that cannot use the right tools from the numerous tools will be failed definitely.

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In this changing marketing condition, you need to understand the market trends; you have to forecast where it will move in the future. In one word you have to know the future. How? Read this carefully you will get the answers.

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To avoid failure and to grow your business you have to utilize the power of social media and optimize the search engine and you have to choose the suitable tools for your marketing campaign.

In this article I will tell you about the top 10 best digital marketing tools, utilizing those you can grow your business effectively and efficiently.

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1. The Best Research Tool ‘Ahrefs’

The most useful tool in the context of digital marketing is ahrefs. This tool provides you hundreds of features. Without ahrefs your digital marketing is nothing.

In this tool, you will get all the research facilities including competition analysis, keyword research, backlinks analysis, content research, tracking of the rank and monitoring of the web etc.

All of these important tools you will get from this one tool. It’s a piece of amazing news that you can get the free trial of 7 days of this tool. The important causes of what you can depend on it are:

  • It provides you the organic search result and shows you the exact keyword for what your competitors get rank and also show how many traffic they get from those.
  • It will prove you a huge number of keyword recommendation with the keyword ranking difficulty score from where you will able to select the low competitive keywords.
  • Simply put any URL and it will give you the data about the backlinks belongs to it and also give you the SEO matrix data.
  • It can suggest you the contents that performing best for a specific keyword from which you can develop your contents better.
  • You can track your website from which source you are getting much traffic and for which keyword you are doing well.
  • You can see clearly your ranking progress and it will notify you while one of your competitors get any backlinks.

Overall ahrefs will provide you all possible competitive data from your industry. Ahrefs can help you boost your online marketing and help you generate more and more traffic.

2. Analyze the best content Using ‘ Buzzsumo’

To become successful in the industry you have to keep a deep knowledge about your competitors. Buzzsumo helps you to have a deep knowledge of your competitors.

Whenever you write content for a specific keyword, you need to know the best performing existing contents for that keyword. This tool will bring to you the best performing contents for a specific search term and make you able to outperform your competitors.

Not only it reveals the best performing contents in your industry but also it shows their condition in different social media (engagement in Facebook, Twitter shares, Pinterest shares, number of backlinks etc).

So you should surely use this handy tool to know your competitors. It will bring a great benefit for you giving the 100% accurate information.

3. Manage Social Media Using ‘Buffer’

People spend a great portion of their time using different social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc.  So digital marketing without social media is impossible. It is wise to get leverage using social media strategically.

You have to put a lot of contents on different social media. But if you are a small business owner and you don’t have enough people to maintain all the things, it becomes a challenge to perform it accurately. Don’t worry! Buffer will make it easy for you.

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Not only that, it will show social media performance like as impression, engagement of your posts. You can also enjoin 25 of your team members and can allow them to access (as much as you want) the buffer account.

So it will save your time money and labor and provide you a high growth opportunity. You can simply believe in buffer in the matter of social media accounts management.

4. Analyze Your Site with ‘Google Analytics’

The magic tool google analytics gives you the exact insight of your website. To grow your business it’s important to generate organic traffic as much as possible.

The success of business not only depends on the huge number of traffic, but it also should be the targeted audience. So it is significant to know who is visiting my website and from where they are deriving.

All these questions’ answers you can get from the google analytics. Google analytics will give you the following vital information:

  • For which keywords your website is generating more traffic?
  • What is the performance of your social media or how much traffic generating from Social Media?
  • From which region of the world your audience is deriving?
  • How much time they are spending on a particular page?
  • Which pages engaging more traffic?

Knowing this important information you can make some vital decision or strategies for your business. You will automatically able to decide which decision you have to make in a particular situation.

For all these facilities you have to put a tracking code on your website and it will give you the magical data about your business.

So google analytics is an unavoidable tool to grow your business. That is why you should set up this tool from the first day of your business.

5. Make Your Content SEO Friendly with ‘Yoast SEO’

Yoast SEO is a simple plugin for your WordPress content management system. Basically, in the present time, most of us use the WordPress platform for managing our website.

Yoast SEO is a simple tool but yields great benefits. Search engine optimization is the best way to grow organic traffic. For this, we need to make our content as SEO friendly.

If you simply install Yoast SEO plugins, it will suggest you all the issues that have to meet up to make your contents SEO friendly.

You are a startup business owner and you don’t know much about the SEO. You can simply rely on this tool. This very useful tool will serve you as an SEO expert. The services it will provide are:

  • It will optimize your keyword in the content.
  • It will notify you about your outdated pages that need to be updated.
  • Show previews of pages for different social media.
  • It will scrutinize the readability of your content.
  • It is always updated for updated google algorithm.

Besides the above features, it also provides some technical stuff in the background. So it a useful tool that every marketer should utilize to grow their business online. This tool will push you one step ahead to optimize your site for the search engine ranking.

6. All in One Tools ‘SEMrush’

SEMrush is one of the best-paid tools for all in one important thing. It will allow you a deep deep analysis of your competitor’s site as well as your site.

Do you want to know about which keywords your competitors getting more traffic? From which site they get backlinks? Which strategies are they employing? All the information you will get from this tool. So in bullet format, the main characteristics of this tool are given below:

  • It will give you the organic research (competitors best keywords, closely observes the changes of domain positions, discovers newly emerged competitors).
  • It can analyze the competitor’s ads budgeting and keywords analyze their landing pages and can concentrate on ads campaign.
  • It can deeply analyze the backlinks; can realize the links domain authority and the type of backlink.
  • It can give you the advanced keyword research, can suggest you hundreds of keyword suggestions, long-tail keywords for SEO and PPC campaign.
  • It contains all necessary tools such as keyword difficulty analyzer, magic keyword tool, site audit tool, social media tracker tool, brand monitor, backlink audit tool, on page SEO tool and many more.

SEMrush is a very popular and useful tool that provides a great insight of your competitors. It will reveal to you all the best strategies of the others and suggest outreaching them.

7. Outperform Your Competitors Using ‘Alexa’

Alexa is another amazing all in one tool. It also provides functionality like semrush. Alexa is an Amazon company. Alexa promises you finding, reaching and converting your audience with effective marketing.

Alexa combines the SEO tools and competitors analyzing tools. It ensures you to find the opportunities for your business that is not yet utilized.

It will provide you with the ideas that brought the best results for the competitors. You can use it for a free trial for 7 days. The main characteristics of Alexa are mentioned below:

  • It uses audience overlapping tool for understanding your customers.
  • Unveil the keyword that adores your audience by using competitive keyword matrix
  • Find your lacking, or find you that you have not some contents that your audience may love.
  • Find you the keywords that are less difficult to rank
  • It uses competitors backlink checker to find the site that gives a link to your competitors and helps to boost your contents to popular sites.

Although it is a paid tool, your investment will not go in vain if invest in it. It will return you the double benefits. If you want to make your business as a yardstick in your industry, you are highly recommended to use the Alexa tool.

8. Check Grammar Using’ Grammarly’

Probably you are not a grammar master. And you don’t have a proofreader to check all the mistake of your contents that you publish online. Grammarly is a free tool that can help you find the grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes and recommend you to solve these.

It can also check the plagiarism. So It definitely a very helpful tool that you should use. To use this tool can go the online site of Grammarly and upload your file that you want to check or paste it on the dashboard and just click on scan for plagiarism; it will check the plagiarism and other writing issues within a few seconds.

You can also install the plugin of Grammarly in your web browser. Once installed, it will find you all the mistakes of writing that you write on the online immediately.  The basic functionality can get from this tool are:

  • It will check spelling mistakes
  • It will check the grammar mistakes
  • Check the duplicate content or plagiarism
  • Point out all the issues of writing and suggest how to solve it.

Although it has a premium paid version you can get the basic services in free that help you a lot. So use this smart handy tool for the betterment of your writing and your online contents.

9. Manage Your Customer with ‘Hubspot CRM’

Business is all about managing your customers. It is a vital task tracking your customers, recording their data and contracting with them manually. Hubspot CRM is customer relationship management software absolutely free for you.

It will enable you organizing, tracking and nurturing your prospective customers and existing customers. It will make automatic the entire task that a salesperson has to do every time.

You don’t need to use the isolated spreadsheet, inboxes or other tools for managing and tracking your customers. The features of this tool are:

  • Manage your sales funnel and speed up your sales team
  • It will organize all your data without any of your efforts.
  • Enables you chat with your real and prospective customers.
  • Track your customer’s interaction in real-time.
  • Enables you shorting the deals (lost and won), scheduling your appointments and compares your performance against the standard.

Hubspot is a free tool that will do your million dollars work.  To successfully grow your business managing your customers, you must use this effective tool.

10. Boost Email Marketing Using ‘MailChimp’

Email marketing provides a greater return on investment as it directly interacts with the mailbox of your customers. Email marketing is a simple and very powerful digital marketing strategy to grow a new business.

MailChimp is a smart and powerful free tool for email marketing. You can build your email marketing campaign very effectively. This tool provides you free server for 2000 subscribers and you can send 12000 emails monthly.  It provides the following services:

  • You can create email, landing pages; signup forms Facebook ads, google remarking ads using this tool.
  • You can connect other apps of your business to it.
  • It will automate your entire task like proving welcome stories, birthday messages of your customers, product recommendation and order notifications etc.
  • It will give you analytics data showing CTR, clicks etc
  • You can add up the other app like google analytics and other social media.

If you want to grow your new business rapidly, you should use MailChimp.

I am sure you already realize that there are a lot of digital marketing tools available. You cannot use all the tools and it not possible also.

Maintaining the tools you need to invest your resources also. In this article, I tried to mention all the useful tools that are using all successful marketers. You have to choose the right tools for your business that will save your time money and yields you the greater return on investment.

I recommend you not to allure with the free tools, it will not cost your money immediately but cost more in the long run. It is to clarify that the author of this article doesn’t receive any payments or rewards for recommending any tools mentioned in the above list.

Your business almost totally depends on how effectively you can implement your marketing strategies. So choose the right tool for implementing your strategies.

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