If someone asks me about an excellent hosting service with high performance at a moderate price, then my answer is HostGator Web Hosting. Yes, you hear it right.

Nowadays, every business needs website whether it’s a simple blog or full functioning e-commerce site set up to post the day to day updates. If you are finding feature-packed web hosting server for your business with dedicated server packages, the virtual private server (VPS), boasting quality cloud and reseller then HostGator is a top choice for you.

HostGator is giving service more than a decade and is very popular for its consistent reliability and a large number of servers.

If you have any confusion whether you should go for HostGator or any other web hosting service, then I will suggest HostGator without thinking for a second time. Why? Yes, I am letting you know why I am recommending this.

In today’s article, we are going to discuss the HostGator web hosting step by step with all the pros and cons. So stay tuned and don’t go anywhere. You are with me in today’s article to know HostGator Web hosting service fully.

What is HostGator Web Hosting?

HostGator is a web hosting provider of virtual private server, shared, dedicated web hosting and reseller.

In October 2002 by Brent Oxley, HostGator was founded, who was then only a student at Florida Atlantic University. Brent Oxley’s HostGator had passed the 200,000 marks in registered domains.

The company moved in 2007 from the original office in Boca Raton, Florida to a new building in Houston, Texas which was 20,000 square foot.

Inc. Magazine ranked HostGator in its list in 2008 as fastest growing companies at 1 in the Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown, 21 in the United States and Texas area.

In 2008 by working with Integrated Ecosystem Market Services, HostGator decided to do their hosting service to be green hosting. In 2008, HostGator provided “unlimited” hosting services for a competition.

Brent Oxley who was the founder of HostGator was adamant about the “unlimited” option which was mainly for increased staffing. According to him, this move increased his sales by at least 30%.

An office was taken in Austin, Texas in 2010. HostGator started operations in India in 2011 with its office in Nasik, Maharashtra and also a data centre.

HostGator was given to Endurance International Group (EIG) in 2012 with USD 225 million. On 21 June 2012, Brent Oxley announced the sale of HostGator and advised his users and employees not to worry because Brent Oxley will be the owner of the buildings HostGator used for their service.

Brent Oxley said that he wanted to travel the world before he had children. He was candid about the failures in register portions of HostGator, creating stable billing and he hoped that endurance might solve those problems. (Source is taken from Wikipedia).

Services of HostGator

•    Shared Web Hosting

•    VPS Web Hosting

•    Dedicated Web Hosting

•    Cloud Web Hosting

•    WordPress Web Hosting

•    Reseller Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

I think we all know that shared hosting is a kind of web hosting that provides multiple site services from a single server.

If you are looking a affordable with moderate price plan for your small-mid-large business, then this package of HostGator web hosting will be the best choice.

And if you want more server resources for large size business data devoted for your site, then you need to go the VPS web hosting or dedicated hosting routes.

HostGator is offering month-to-month shared web hosting plans. But I dislike a factor which is HostGator pushes hard for you to sign up for longer terms which are starting at six months.

I don’t like that in the signup process which HostGator defaults to a three-year term. It’s one thing which encourages users to skip like other web hosting month-to-month service, but I think pushing new users into three years term from the start is a little bit much.

HostGator offers Windows-based, or Linux or shared hosting packages that give all type of small- and medium-size businesses help to grow. Their Hatchling plan starting at $10.95 per month which offers monthly data transfers, unlimited disk space, email addresses, databases and support for one domain and third-party applications such as e-commerce platforms and content management systems.

Another plan named Baby plan starting at $11.95 per month which builds on the Hatchling offering by providing unlimited domains. The last plan designated as top-tier Business plan starting at $16.95 per month includes highly specialised options, such as a private SSL (secure socket layer) certificate and a toll-free number for your business.

VPS Web Hosting

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting is for those who want more server power than shared hosting offers. Virtual private shared hosting also sees multiple sites on serve but in a few numbers than on a shared hosting server. But you have to pay more for a VPS server, and you will get more server power in return.

HostGator offers Linux-based VPS hosting which is starting at $19.95 per month. If you need more power, have specific compliance requirements and expect high traffic volumes that prevent you from using shared servers. These are outstanding options available for considering.

The most basic Snappy 2000, VPS plan provides 120GB of disk space, 2GB of RAM, and 1.5TB of data transfers starting at only $79.95 per month or as low as $19.95 per month with a three-year service.

The mid-tier Snappy 4000 package is starting at just $119.95 per month.  It provides 165GB of storage, 4GB of RAM, and 2TB of monthly data transfers. The most advanced plan, Snappy 8000, offers 240GB of disk space, 8GB of RAM, and 3TB of monthly data which is starting at $149.95 per month or $39.95 per month if you sign up for three years. These plans are much more flexible than what is offered by Network Solutions.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated Web hosting is a dominant type of web hosting that sees your business site existing on a server by itself. As a result, this dedicated web hosting is the most powerful. If you expect lots of audiences, it is you need for your website.

HostGator’s dedicated web hosting service packages starting at only $119 per month, and they are offering an excellent set of features. HostGator users can be customised with their servers with up to 32GB of RAM, 1TB of SSD storage and also you are getting unlimited monthly data transfers, which provide the bandwidth offerings like many other dedicated server packages.

HostGator’s dedicated servers come in both Windows and Linux and Windows. HostGator is one of the best web hosts that scored well and offered in both Linux and Windows operating systems.

Cloud Web Hosting

Like the many other web hosts, HostGator has been popular over the years by offering cloud hosting. With cloud hosting, the necessary resources that your business site needs to operate are shared across multiple servers.

Do you think about the benefits? You can scale your business resources in real time, as your site will not be limited to physical server constraints.

HostGator’s cloud hosting service is only available via the Linux platform, and if you are looking for the Windows operating system, you must look somewhere else. I love the fact that HostGator has attractive cloud hosting plans that are worthy of all consideration.

The plan only starts at $12.95 per month with unlimited data and storage, two CPU cores, 2GB RAM, and a domain. The other plan starts at $13.95 per month named as Baby Cloud plan offers unlimited areas and 4 GB RAM.

You can get this only at $19.95 per month through Business Cloud, which boasts 6GB of RAM, six CPU cores, and a dedicated IP address.

WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress is very easy to set up on HostGator even if you don’t have experience in the WordPress route. The customer portal has the option of Quick Links that provides a dedicated interface for installing all third-party applications.

There’s also a shortcut option named Get Started with WordPress Today that leads to the Quick Links interface. Just set the path to your blog’s or website’s installation, enter the username for the WordPress administrator account, and click on the install button.

It is as easy as that, your site is ready to up and running. HostGator also provide the opportunity to automatically install the WP-Super-Cache WordPress plug-in to improve blog or website performance.

The process of set up a WordPress site is natural because the database is already there. It is starting at $14.95 per month which offers 25,000 visits per month, 50GB of storage, the ability to host just one WordPress site and unlimited email.

The Standard is starting at $20.95 provides 200,000 monthly visits, two WordPress sites and 150GB of disk space. The Business is starting at $27.95 per month offers 300,000 monthly visits, three WordPress sites, and unlimited storage. All plans of HostGator is coming with page caching and a great optimised WordPress hosting environment.

Reseller Web Hosting

If you’re looking for web hosting business and you don’t want to deal with infrastructure matters, then HostGator’s reseller hosting packages are only for you.

The plans are starting at $19.95 per month which provides unlimited email across the board. The VPS shared, and the dedicated plans are available for both the Windows and Linux hosting.

HostGator doesn’t provide them with monthly data transfers and unlimited storage at each tier. HostGator helps you apply your branding to the servers you want, and it also offers supplies 24/7 tech support.

Benefits of HostGator Web Hosting

•    Control panel is easy to use

•    You will get drag-and-drop site builder free

•    Unlimited emails, disk space and bandwidth on all plans

•    No contract required and you are getting a 45-day money-back guarantee

•    62% off for your first three years

•    Flexibility, reliability and versatility.

•    Very easy for operating to beginners to professional.

•    $100 of Google AdWords credits, courtesy of the HostGator team

•   You will get Access to hundreds of one-click installs available for all of the major open-source projects, such as Joomla, WordPress and Magento.

•    A 99.9% uptime guarantee

•    24/7/365 customer support via phone, chat, ticket system, and an online knowledgebase

•    Latest cPanel software to power customers’ administration console

•    Pricing is in the middle of the road when it comes to shared and VPS hosting.

•     Excellent customer service and live chats cost money, and most good beginner web hosts fall in this range.

Cons of HostGator web Hosting

  • Additional fee required for restoring from backups
  • Customer response times is slower
  • In past support was spotty
  • For business hosting HostGator is not economical option
  • Performance of site is not always best
  • Costly than any other web hosting

For whom HostGator is best

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers
  • Personal websites

We don’t know about past but recently HostGator customers are really happy with their service and we are seeing many changes. So we are hoping that if you forgot matters of past and start their service now you will not dissatisfied at all.

Final Words

HostGator web hosting target beginners for web or blog or those that are looking to host simple to complex websites. They offer nice Virtual Private Server and dedicated options to those whose websites and blogs grow to outgrow shared servers.

HostGator’s been popular around for over a decade, and they have solid customer support available. If you still have any confusion about HostGator, then please go to their website and look for customer reviews to take the best decision. Take decision according to your needs and do planning. No more today. Happy Online!


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