Are you finding a good web hosting company with unlimited features at affordable prices? Do you need a website but don’t know how to start or how to operate?

If you are new about web hosting, then today’s article is going to help you a lot. SiteGround web hosting is very much known for its affordable price and shared hosting provider that provides unlimited bandwidth and also includes SSL and CDN (CloudFlare).

Siteground Web Hosting Reviews

I like their features which are different from other web hosting companies. So today I am going to help with you some necessary information about SiteGround and by reviewing SiteGround web hosting company.

I am not going to write only their pros, but also there will be cons about their web hosting. So grip yourself and be ready to explore a new web hosting company with me. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

Let me give you an introduction of SiteGround.

What is SiteGround Web Hosting?

In 2004 with some few university friends SiteGround web hosting company is founded. The most recent data report shows that SiteGround is giving service on 1,800,000 domains worldwide.

SiteGround is providing shared hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated servers. Also, they are giving email hosting and domain registration service. Currently, 500 employees are working in the company.

SiteGround owns 4 data centers in four countries: the United Kingdom (London), United States (Chicago), Singapore (SG) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam). SiteGround runs WHM/cPanel, Apache, PHP, CentOS and MySQL on its servers.

SiteGround web hosting company has created software solutions for monitoring and reaction, speed-optimisation, account isolation, and sold these under the 1H brand and which is used by other Linux hosting companies.

Partners of SiteGround web hosting company are multiple companies such as Spam Experts, OpenSRS, Softaculous, Open Classifieds, SingleHop, CloudFlare, SoftLayer, GlobalSign, cPanel, Printful and 1H.

SiteGround Web Hosting

SiteGround web hosting company has four kinds of hosting services which are given below:

•    Web Hosting

•    WordPress hosting

•    WooCommerce Hosting

•    Cloud Hosting

Web Hosting

As we are discussing today Web hosting, we will start our discussion with the web hosting part. You can build your website quickly and also can transfer your site easily with SiteGround web hosting. Here is a quick rundown of their hosting plans:

SiteGround shared hosting comes with three programs: STARTUP, GROWBIG and GOGEEK.

The Startup plan

The Startup plan costs only $3.95 per month. With this Startup plan, you can easily host only one website. If you are a newbie in the website, then this package is just right for you. You can easily handle up to 10,000 unique audience visits per month.

Extra services include: free site migration, Unlimited Emails & DBs, Let’s Encrypt SSL, free CDN, free daily backup, the first level of the SuperCacher plugin enabled static cache, 24/7 client support etc.

The GrowBig

The GrowBig plan costs only $5.95 per month, and you can host multiple websites at one time, and you can also handle up to 25,000 visits per month without a break.

This plan also comes with 30 backup copies and free restore, all 3-levels of the SuperCacher,  a free SSL Wildcard for one year, customer support with priority, fast response times. I love this package as I get more benefits from it.

The Go Geek

The GoGeek plan costs $11.95 per month, and with this package, you can host multiple websites which are offering even more space and can handle up to 100,000 visits per month.

This package has all features of the other two plans StartUp, and GrowBig plus you are getting PCI compliance, pre-installed git, 1-click WP staging and few more accounts on the server.

All shared hosting plans get a free CDN, free email account and unlimited bandwidth.

Features of SiteGround web hosting

•    Ultrafast sites

•    Free site migration

•    Unlimited Emails & DBs

•    Top-notch security

•    Encrypt SSL

•    Free CDN

•     Free daily backup

•    Managed WordPress

•     SuperCacher plugin which is enabled with static cache

•     24/7 client support

•    30 backup copies and free restore

•    All 3-levels of the SuperCacher

•    Easy site management

•    Domain Management

•    A free SSL Wildcard for one year

•    Customer support with priority

•    Reliable email service

•    Fast response times

•    PCI compliance

•    Easy staging tool

•    Easy git integration

•    Pre-installed git

•     1-click WP staging

•    Dynamic caching


•    With SiteGround you are getting free security add-ons

•    If you are finding high performance hosting for your website, then SiteGround is giving the best performance in all plans

•    You will get highly knowledgeable and responsive support

•    You will get above average load time (714ms)

•    You will get high uptime (99.99%)

•     You will get Easy E-Commerce Installs

•    You will get free transfers for existing websites

•    30 days money back guarantee

•    The affordable pricing is much higher than any other web hosting company

•    You will get free CDN and SSL certificate

•    You will get transparency and community expert


•    One drawback I understand that they have limited storage space which I think is a con for SiteGround hosting

•    The setup fee for monthly billing is not cheap

Why You Should Choose SiteGround Hosting

Easy to use:   SiteGround hosting is easy to use.

Domain price:  I found the domain price is too low. Which is only starts at $9.95?

Payment methods: The payment method is excellent. You can use a credit card.

Hidden Fees and Clauses: You should know that they pay $14.95 setup fee if you are paying for their shared hosting plans monthly instead of annually. You’d be better off spending 1 year upfront to avoid that.

Account Activation: The best part is Quick account activation.

Upsells: The upsells few.

Control Panel and Dashboard Experience: The control panel and dashboard experience are smooth for cPanel.

Installation of Apps and CMSs: Quick and easy install of favourite apps like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal and CMSs is using Softaculous.

Final Words

Nobody is perfect, and not everything is perfect. As we have come to the end of our article. I am going to say this if you are finding a good web host company with affordable pricing and with unlimited features then SiteGround will be the best choice.

Now it’s up to you. No more today. Take care and choose carefully according to your necessities. Happy Online!

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