The Interserver is an online web hosting provider that offers its services for the last 19 years. Always following the latest trends of technology, Interserver is a leader in his category of internet servers.

Interserver Review
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Its network is powered by 10Gbps Ethernet connections, using only the best Cisco equipment. The traffic passes through it with the fastest possible pace.

Automatic redundancy and network upgrade are among the standards that Interserver follows. That is done to ensure spare routers in unexpected situations.

The data center lies safely in New York City where there is 24/7 support throughout the whole year. Besides, there is grade climate control to ensure the proper temperature of the servers.

The existence of around the clock security is extraordinary proof that your information would be kept safe!

    The most critical asset of Interserver is, of course, its people. Being behind the scenes, they ensure everything works correctly and are always there to answer your questions and inquires.

Interserver invest in human capital, as well as in innovation. It offers continuous learning to its associates and is fond of long-term working commitments.

Why Should You Choose Interserver?

First, it is great for your pocket. This site is the best value for money online server that you can find.

Affordable Price       

The initial basic plan comes at the affordable price of $4.50 per month which is among the lowest available in the market.

In case you choose to begin with Windows or WordPress hosting, shared plans start from $5 and $8 respectively.

There is also an affordable VPN plan at $6 a month, and there is a possibility for dedicated hosting that costs $59 per month. It is cheap combined to the prices other hosting services offer for Dedicated hosting.

The prices are not minimal but within the average rates of the industry. Low prices many times mean poor services. It is what Interserver tries to avoid. Dissatisfied customers who are abandoning the site are the worst thing that can happen to a provider.

Money Back Guarantee

To add on, Interserver also offers free money back guarantee. There is a 15- or 30-day money back guarantee where you can get back all the money invested in Interserver if for any reason you are not completely satisfied.

Price Lock Guarantee

No questions asked. Another great benefit is that many price lock guarantees extend for more than the first year. The normality is that the majority of hosting services give minimum prices for the first year and then give an outrageous price for the following ones.

In the case of Interserver, you can take advantage of the price lock guarantee which means that you can enjoy the same monthly prices for as long as you have your account with them.

Reliability and Security

Another great feature related to Interserver is the exceptional reliability to its customers. Newcomers to the site are limited to 100 per day. That happens to ensure that existing customers would never face capacity problems that may cause many places to fall suddenly.

 At any given time, customers have more resources to use than in any other hosting service. It provides extra security for all the system and holds growth to a sustainable level.

The big advantage of registering to Interserver is the wide variety of services that is offering to its customers. You will always be covered for your ongoing needs, no matter what.

More personal service is a must for the accounts that choose these programs, and there is site support that can be reached virtually at any time during the year. Security and reliability are the top priorities of people working there.

Besides, CDN service is used to provide extra security against the DDoS attacks that threaten most of the servers worldwide.

Several Hosting Plans

Interserver Review

Standard shared hosting, Linux or Windows servers and WordPress hosting are all offered with plenty of options. There is no way you may feel deprived of this service provider.

Another critical point is the extraordinary VPS service that is offered by Interserver online services. Being one of the hardest to comply with internet services, VPS and Dedicated hosting is among the “crown jewels” of Interserver.

Best Customer Support

What about customer support?

Does it have an acceptable level of dignity?

Absolutely. The average time of response to your tickets and inquiries is well below four minutes. The friendly personnel are always there to answer your questions by phone or e-mail at any time of the day.

Interserver follows the industry standards and seems to overpass them to provide extra satisfaction to its members.

Award Winning Web Hosting Services covering the World

Another reason you would want to keep your website with Interserver is their outstanding recognition for their excellent performance. Their site gathered the most valuable awards from the industry.

The Better Business Bureau gave them an A+ rating while they also got a 5-star award from WHSR. So, stick with the best and your site will look its best!

They also know that sites come from various corners of the planet. That is why Interserver has multiple support channels with a local number in the United States, Israel, England, Brazil and Mexico to cover a large part of the global demand.

Multi-language support is also a significant advantage of the site. People from all around the world seeking for decent hosting services are continually looking for reputable servers to keep their information safe.

 Having offices in many countries, Interserver has a real competitive advantage among others. That is why more and more international customers decide to enroll in their services.

Website Speed and Uptime

Speed and safety of the server are among the highest available in the market while there is also an excellent analytics view to see who is entering your site at any given time.

Not to mention that their uptime is close to 100% and their speed thrives which means that your site is going to be available to potential customers at any time during the day. And this is guaranteed!

Pros of Interserver

If you are looking for additional information that makes Interserver the best choice for your site here are some:

They operate under the best available software for servers. That makes them the natural leader of their category.

Even if you expected that such services would come with increased prices, they keep the level of the monthly fees low to attract more sites to their servers.

Are they looking for more reasons to stick with Interserver?

They offer unlimited storage to all their customers to upload their data. If you want to abandon the well know giants of internet hosting, then Interserver is the right choice for you.

Always low prices with exceptional customer service are among the higher appreciated values a hosting server can offer to its public.   

Hosting service is not a simple business. It has many threats and challenges to fight daily. The world wide web is a chaotic network where information stored and shared in a matter of microseconds.

In this hostile and competitive environment, Interserver has well proven its value. Being there for more than two decades shows real devotion to what is doing.

Loyal customers are always there to advertise the qualities of their services. Maintenance of the servers is done in scheduled cycles trying not to interrupt with the normal functioning of the server.

    Word of mouth is increasing faster than the speed of light, and soon enough there are no customers left to sustain your business. The leadership team of Interserver is well aware of that. It offers available plans to physical persons and companies to keep everybody satisfied with high-quality services.

Interserver Community

Interserver offers back to society its considerable experience and knowledge. It gives funds to colleges and universities around the world to support graduate students who want to proceed in internet studies.

Interserver also offers internships to the most competent graduates who wish to have their first job opportunity on their premises. It is all we ask from an innovative company which offers hosting services.

The reality is that investing in the future is the motto of Interserver and its affiliates. It provides all customer with high-quality services because it is always one step ahead of the competition.

New technologies are invented and applied online so that the data are still secured. Speed enhancers are continually updated so that your websites have an uptime that everybody is jealous.

The people are always friendly and more than happy to answer your inquiries and even listen to your complaints.

Final Words

        Finally, we can come to the end with the words are that Interserver is a live organization that keeps in mind the necessity to interact with customers and provide the best available services online.

The choice is always yours, and you have to stick with the best. Interserver claims to be one of them and tries to improve and survive the jungle of the internet.

Pay for what you get and get more for what you pay with Interserver. The provider of choice for companies and people that want to enjoy top quality services at the most affordable prices in the world!

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