Today, we have tons of companies claiming to be the leaders in web hosting.

But is this true?

Which is the one matching our personal needs and desires?

Continue reading this review so that you take a picture of the major web hosting companies.

GoDaddy Web Hosting Reviews

              GoDaddy is a well-known online hosting company that has overpassed the bad critics it has received in the past. All users that are introduced to GoDaddy web services love it and become loyal customers.

However, there is a minority that is disappointed with the services that GoDaddy provides and shows a big number of drop-offs.

First, GoDaddy offers a vast variety of plans so that it covers any need of the customers. GoDaddy offers a lot more than traditional web hosting and this is an advantage among the various hosting sites.

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 It offers reliable web hosting at really affordable prices. GoDaddy users refer to the easy interface of the software so that anyone can build a site and then publish it to the web no matter what his level of skill is.

On the other hand, there is an issue with customer care that can show lots of delays in rush hours. This is extremely important for first-time users who need continuous guidance and tutoring.

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To sum up, GoDaddy is a good site for hosting when you are a novice and you do not need extra customer service. You have the option for a WordPress site to be published and you can always start an e-shop with no prior knowledge.

Overall it is a great and affordable web hosting site for the majority of users.

Namecheap Reviews

Namecheap has been the newcomer in the team of the online hosting servicing sites. It entered the market offering some of the lowest prices available for web creating and hosting.

Soon enough though, users realized that there were a lot of promises given that could not be kept by Namecheap.

It offers easy web site creating giving a familiar server interface that is easy even for the novices. Their level of communication with the customers is in the acceptable zone.

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They have established an e-mail communication that gives you clear instructions on what to do with your site-building. This is a time saver and a great guide as well.

Finally, Namecheap is better for people who have just begun to set up their websites. It makes payments easy with the use of PayPal and it also has an inquiry ticket system that is usually replied in a matter of minutes.

Other than that, the low initial investment and the minimum monthly payments are the strong advantages of the Namecheap option.

Bluehost Reviews

This is another well established online hosting site. It is active since 2003 and since then it has always been ranking in the first places of the users’ preferences.

One of the key factors of its success has been the low prices and the reliability of the servers used. With Bluehost, you can rest reassured that there would be no disturbances in the online presence of your site.

It offers domains and WordPress sites that really make a difference among the competitors.

There is also the option for unlimited data transfers and dedicated CPU protection which makes you feel a lot more comfortable joining Bluehost.

The registration process is easy and fast. You have a lot of payment options and after you finally choose your domain name there is an extensive tutoring session so that you know what to expect with Bluehost. Customer support is constantly appearing on a 24/7 basis and Is available to all no matter which is the plan they choose!

Bluehost offers a variety of plans that begin as low as $2 per month for web hosting and can reach top levels when dedicated web hosting is asked for.

Bluehost can offer you a lot of plans and you can find the right one for you. It is a reputable hosting site that has not shown any problems with delays and shutdowns in the past years. So, if you are looking for affordable hosting and WordPress site creation this could easily become your first stop.

Inmotion hosting Reviews

If you haven’t heard about them then you probably are not in the website business for a long time. Inmotion hosting has been around for more than two decades having its servers carefully situated on the west and east coast respectively.

It claims to have more than 300,000 user’s initial customer base and it has the means to keep a lot of its clientele loyal and happy.

Their hosting uptimes are well above the industry average meaning that your site will be available at a glance no matter where you are on earth.

There is also a fast server speed that is factored with the Google algorithm so that your site is SEO all the time.

Inmotion customer service is also among the greatest and most complete that you can find online. The tickets are usually answered in a matter of minutes and the use of online chat becomes a friendly experience for all users.

Another key feature is the 90-day money-back guarantee that is well beyond all the deadlines that most competitors offer.

With Inmotion, you can enjoy free site transfer from other providers as well as premium Sucuri plugin for WordPress sites. There is also enhanced e-commerce support in case you need to develop your e-shop within the Inmotion hosting services.

In addition, all google apps are well integrated into the site and there is also a Secure Smartwall Threat Defense system that can keep the intruders away from your valuable information.

The bottom line, if you are looking for affordable and reliable hosting services then Inmotion is great for you. They are lots of years in the market to know exactly what every user profile needs and they adequately give it!

Hostgator Reviews

Hostgator claims to be the undoubted leader of the online hosting services market. Well established in Texas a couple of decades ago, it offers a variety of hosting services to different users around the world.

All its plans come with 24/7 support, a 45-day money-back guarantee for customer satisfaction and 99.99% uptime which is among the highest that you can find online.

Hostgator, as a result, offers reliable hosting with a generous money-back guarantee.

It also offers flexible paying periods and free migration among various sites.

On the other hand, Hostgator does not offer any free domain and it performs an extremely aggressive upselling that becomes annoying when you are not familiar with web hosting sites.

The site uses always the top of the art servers to host the customer’s domains and offers flexible hosting plans that are affordable to anyone.

The support and customer service are of a high-quality level. Inquiries are usually answered in a 10 minute time frame and you can be reassured that your information will be secure in the Hostgator extremely secured servers.

Hostgator is the online hosting service of choice especially for beginners that want a friendly interface and the reassurance of 2 million satisfied customers.

Turnkey Internet Reviews

Initially introduces as a consultant to telecommunication carriers, Turnkey has become recently a valuable player in hosting services sector. Its strong point is the extremely low prices for initial use.

The rates are raised in renewal plans but you can always opt-out for an SEO plan that matches the needs of your website. It offers a 100% network uptime guarantee that is a rate rarely found in online hosting services providers.

Turnkey offers great flexible plans and pricing covering the needs of a wide variety of users. Linux and Windows-based plans are offered respectively and renewal is a bit more expensive but it has better value for money ratio than any other competitor does.

The customer support is another strong point of Turnkey’s success. It is available all day and it also offers a useful FAQ section where you can find the answer virtually to any inquiry you may have.

There are also specified back up services that help users retain their valuable information on the rare occasion of its sudden loss. The first 10 GB of storage is free so this is an option that only Turnkey can offer to its users.

Not to mention, that migration and add-ons are always free and there is also a generous 30-day money-back guarantee for all people who initially doubt the quality of services.

Turnkey remains the leader of hosting services for people that are looking for budget-friendly dedicated and managed server hosting options.

Interserver Reviews

Interserver is a newly established web hosting provider that uses innovative solutions to create the best environment for hosting websites. Using the best servers available today, with enhanced encryption and other top key features, Interserver claims to be the most high-tech provider online.

It offers free SSL certificates, unlimited storage and bandwidth, Cloudflare CDN and great pricing. There is also the possibility of SitePad Site Builder that is the best evolution web designing has seen in the last decade.

People with no prior knowledge can easily enter the business of website creation using Interserver abilities offered for free. To add on, there is a great chance for business development using the e-commerce features.

The uptime rate remains close to 100% and is always guaranteed. Interserver also introduces a very competitive affiliate program that encourages current users to refer new ones gaining a serious amount of money, deposited directly to their accounts.

The customer support remains at an extremely satisfactory level. The migration is also offered for free within the site and there is also a 30-day money-back guarantee- no questions asked.

The backup policy is easily adopted by new users and create a sense of security for the sensitive information that anybody would save on Interserver.

Overall, Interserver remains the most innovative option among different hosting sites. New features available only here make it easy for any new user to adopt the option of Interserver as the provider of choice for the hosting of its websites.

A2 Hosting Reviews

This hosting services provider claims to be the most expert in certain domains than any other competitor. Established back in 2003 A2 Hosting has put the word Performance as its top priority.

Throughout the years the managed to offer a 300% increase in page load speeds. In addition, there is a turbo hosting option where you can see up to 20 times faster page loads than the industry average.

There is also perpetual security for servers and data centers so that every user could feel secure while using A2 Hosting services.

The pricing plan is really competitive including many tiers and starting from as low as $3.92 per month. The renewal prices are kept at a low level as well and there is a great chance you can get minimal fees and extreme discounts if you refer people who enroll in the site services.

 Reliability and support remain at a high level since there is also a FAQ section to check for inquiries alongside with 24/7 online support and live chat features.

A2 Hosting has been among the first companies to offer SSD hosting and commit to forward-thinking as a web host. There are also tools for WordPress and turbo enhancers for extra site speed.

 Being good for both amateurs and professional users A2 hosting is constantly challenging the competitive edge of all hosting companies.

1&1 IONOS Reviews

This site is made by people who know the internet at a deep level. Hosting nearly 20 million domain names, it offers shared web hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting and custom business server solutions.

IONOS is both for private and commercial based users. It shows scalable performance and extreme SSL certification. The financial plans begin from as low as $1 per month for initial users and escalate to a little more than $9 per month, which is still affordable.

There is also a friendly customer service that gives answers quickly and responsibly. The phone service is available for all users, to ensure the quality offered by the hosting services.

 The possibility of chat is also there for people that prefer to communicate in this way. E-mails are usually replied on the same business day within hours.

IONO’s uptime is kept at high levels. The backup plan is generous and can reassure users about the safety of their information. There is an enhanced anti-theft policy and a money-back guarantee plan that really makes a difference.

Rarely do we have the chance to meet such a complete case of hosting servers other than IONOS. There is solid and stable performance offered, great pricing and super safety.

On the other hand, there is a hard panel interface that is difficult to use and the website builder can be expensive and tricky in some cases.

Wix Reviews

Finally, we come to the point of the Wix online web hosting service that differs from all others. It is really a one-stop-shop. You can build your website using their own online tools.

Their servers can adequately host the site and offer a backup plan so that your information can be kept secure at all times.

Wix has been famous for its wide acceptance among DIY users and disliked by the professional ones. It offers great pricing plans that can be adjusted to each customer’s individual needs as well the renewals have very affordable and generous rates.

There is the option of some very short time plans so that the migration of sites from other providers can be enhanced.

The real advantage of Wix is it’s innovative and easy to use interface. Many options are there for users to choose what is right for their website. There is also the possibility of WordPress and online email campaigns that will promote sales.

The speed and security are highly appreciated by the users of Wix as well as the customer service that is more than satisfying. Wix has been shown to be SEO friendly and your site can rank among the first in every google search.

Overall, Wix is a well-known hosting provider, being active since 2006. It promises 100% convenience with built-in tools and is perfect for home-based workers that need to promote their site.


Among the various sites that promise to give you the best web services, there is always a factor that is crucial for every successful purchase: The special needs of the user. Some of the hosting services are made for professional use and others are dedicated to amateur users.

There is a lot to consider before you register for any service according to the special characteristics of the website built. Not only the appearance but also the speed and reliability of the site are among the top features that should be addressed when choosing a provider.

Cheap is most of the time expensive when we talk for long term engagements so the initial price should not be the key factor for choosing a provider. Quality is always better than the price.

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