If you are new in online business and don’t know which hosting company you should choose then today’s article is going to help you. With 30 days money-back guarantee you are going to explore the best web hosting company.

My previous blogs were based on various web hosting company and its services. But today’s article is slightly different as it is about one of the best web hosting company.

So grip yourself and give the proper concentration to my blog as it will help you to know the information and gets the actual idea of choosing Turnkey internet hosting company.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

What is a Turnkey Internet Hosting Company?

Turnkey Internet hosting company founded in 1999 to give progressed counselling services to Internet Service Providers and Enhanced Telecommunications Providers.

TurnKey Internet was established on a straightforward standard to give concentration on the client. In 2001, for much-emerging business Turnkey Internet provides business solutions by their services.

Turnkey Internet always focuses on businesses with all sizes mainly on mid and small businesses. The cost of their services may not be the lowest in the market as they are providing drop shipping service.

But their prices are competitive if you compare them against the product prices of doba.com or other drop shipping platforms.

If you are new to online business and if you are finding a good hosting company then Turnkey Internet can offer you a great range of products to start with and could save a lot of time and work. You will get everything to get started from them.

And their Customer Service has also been beneficial in assisting customers. They are providing 24/7/365 service for customers through email and live chat. 

My cousin took their service for setting a business online, and he is too thankful for the services rendered from Turnkey Internet. And also he got the convenience of having almost everything done for him to set up an online store virtually in no time.

Features of Turnkey Internet Hosting

I love their features as they provide modern, versatile and customised services. At Turnkey Internet, they took the concept of “green” very honestly. 

Turnkey Internet is situated in the core of New York’s Tech Valley Region. They have their green data centre is the selection of customers in more than 100 nations who swing to TurnKey as both an efficient and environmental solution to their IT needs.

Turnkey is a leading web hosting and cloud-based IT solutions.

 The most common and essential features according to me are:

•    24x7x 365 expert local services

•    100% Network Uptime Service Level Agreement

•    Website and E-Commerce Solutions

•    30-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

•    SSD disk systems

•    24+ CPU cores per server

•    Gigabyte network speed

•    Public & Private Cloud

•    Unlimited databases and domains

•    Reliable and fast servers

•    Over 1000 website design to choose

•    Backup & Disaster Recovery

•    WordPress, Joomla and Drupal

•    Parallels SiteBuilder templates

•    Cloud-Hosted Phone Systems

•    Attracta and Cloudflare

•    E-commerce shop site pages

•    Green initiative Enterprise Collocation

•    Dedicated, Cloud & Virtual Private Servers

•    Exchange Hosted Email

•    Hosting Reseller Packages

Why You Should Choose Turnkey Internet for Your Business and Office?

•    You can Save Thousands of money with buying Turnkey Internet

•    It’s User Friendly

•    If you want the Fastest Network, then it is the best solution– 10,000x faster than Cable or DSL

•    Turnkey internet is modern and comes with the latest technology and also Software Included

•    Available Power and Security in Data Centre

•    Automated Backups with Off-Site Backup service

What can You Host on a TurnKey Internet Server?

•    If you want to handle your office data, then Office Accounting and Client Data Systems can be easily hosted with Turnkey Internet Server.

•    You can host Web Hosting and Application Servers for your business.

•    With just one click you will get all Email services such as (Exchange, IMAP/POP/SMTP) Servers

•    Virtual Servers for Project Development

•    Database (MySQL and Microsoft SQL)

•    File Storage and Sharing Servers   

TurnKey Internet server offers small to mid-size businesses a simple, low-cost solution, which includes everything such as hardware, software, network bandwidth, backups and local support.

Types of Servers of Turnkey Internet Server

Turnkey Internet server is providing four types of hosting service for all kinds of people and business. These four kinds are the following:

1.    Turbo Cloud Servers

2.    Dedicated Servers

3.    Cloud Reseller Servers

4.    Cloud Hosted Desktops (VDI)

Turbo Cloud Servers

One of the cheapest and best servers providing by TurnKey internet which is offering the highest level of service and the ultimate combination of value, performance, security and easy to use according to your hosting needs.

A Turbo cloud server is far more flexible than other hosting options as it is giving your organisation full control over your business security settings.

You can provide your choice of operating system, control panels, software configuration, and applications according to your taste and interest. It is very much cost effective and value driven.

You will get the following automated service with this. It only starts with $4.99-$34.99 monthly.

Dedicated Servers

If you are looking for customizable solutions then dedicated servers is an excellent solution for you. There management solutions available with this. 

With latest Intel Xenon Processors you will get 100% network uptime guarantee. There are SSD and RAID hardware options. It only starts at $69-$166 monthly.

Cloud Reseller Servers

With the white label control panel, guaranteed resources and 100+ Linux and Windows template you are getting the unique solutions for your servers.

It is easily upgradable, and it provides weekly off-site backups. It starts at only $99.99- $149.99 monthly.

Cloud Hosted Desktops (VDI)

If you want to access instantly from anywhere than this package is just only for you. It is ready with business-ready applications.

With persistent/non-persistent deployments they have security, data and policy controls. They have availability of private cloud solutions in this package. 100% network uptime guarantee is available.

So what are you waiting for? If you want only one solution for your entire web hosting problems, then Turnkey internet server is the best solution for your business.

Final Words

We have come to the end of our article. I hope you got some basic ideas and necessary information regarding Turnkey Internet hosting company. And if you are still in any confusion, you may see the reviews in their websites by real customers.

I am not a massive fan of Turnkey Internet hosting company, but as my cousin is using it right now, I think I will switch into it. So if you didn’t try it till now try it and see it on your own.

Your perception will be changed after using it practically. Goodbye and happy online to all. 


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