When you have a website, you need to host your site. Web hosting is like a portion of land in the online where you can put your website to be online and your audience can access your website whenever they want in 24/7.

 In this sense, the web hosting company is like a landowner on the internet. You will be astonished to know that hosting is as important as your home where you live.

For deciding the best web hosting company, you need to know a little bit more about the technical terms about hosting services and match with your need. It is up to you whether you need a room or an apartment or a whole building.

web hosting

Basically, you should choose according to your specific need.  There are various types of hosting services and hundreds of service providers. So it is somewhat challenging to select the right one.

Let’s know the basic terms about it.

While the success of your website depends on your right choice of hosting you should choose carefully. Therefore you need to consider some key factors while selecting it.

Decide Your Budget

When we decide to buy something, there comes a question of budget. Buying hosting is like the same. Some hosting company offers a very low budget package; it can be appealing to you.

 But you should think deeper that a low budget package may provide slow bandwidth and slow load time. Ultimately, it will cost you more. You have to give more value in the long run.

Moreover, most of the company provides a low-cost package but the renewal cost is higher. Again a startup business has a limited budget. But you should not be stuck with the budget.

Which package is most suitable for your business needs, you should go for that. Otherwise, all the cost will end in a vain.

Knowing About the Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the transfer rate of data between you and your visitors. Depending on your website type, you have to choose the bandwidth and the disk space. If your site holds a lot of graphics and pages and a large number of visitors or audience visit it at a time, then you need to choose a high bandwidth and space.

But if your site is a small casual site you can pick a less bandwidth and space. So here you have to match your need with the offered package.

Know About the Security Features

Security of your site is the topmost priority. Make sure your service provider delivers a safeguard to your service with a secure socket layer (SSL).

SSL is the significant features to provide the safety of your customers’ transactions. If your customer faces any security hassle it means you lose that customer forever.

Know the Backup Plan

Your site can be damaged anytime or can be lost of data, but if your service provider ensures a smart backup plan, there remains no headache about this issue.

You have to know the cost of the backup plans and further cost of the renewal of it.

Learn About the Different Types of Web Hosting

things to remember while choosing a web host

Basically, there are three types of plans offered by the hosting company.

Shared hosting:

This is a very basic level package. A simple example will clear the theme of this package; you need a space to reside then you simply rent a room of a building.

Here you will have to share the basic facilities of the building like the bathroom, kitchen, water line etc. Similarly in shared hosting, your site will be in that place which holds the other sites simultaneously and shares the same server, Ram, bandwidth, hard drive space etc.

This is suitable for the personal small website like email server, blog site or basic level websites. Shared hosting also the cheapest types of hosting hence a better option for the startup businesses.


•           Cheap and user-friendly

•           Provides website building tools and smart management panel


•           Limited bandwidth and hard disk space

•           Load time may be higher and uptime may be low. (Load time and uptime describes below)

•           Performance may be poor.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

If you need more space to reside you can rather rent an apartment of a building than a room, here most of the things is speared for you like kitchen, washroom etc. but some things also will be shared like garage, water line, electricity line etc.

Like the example, if you need a more customized service than a shared hosting but don’t need a high bandwidth then this is best for you. It also shares the resources like shared hosting but gives you a virtually dedicated own server.


•           Safe and reliable

•           Put your site separate than others


•           Need advanced technical knowledge for building and maintaining your site.

Dedicated Hosting

It is like renting the whole building where all the facilities are only for you. Dedicated hosting is suitable for large businesses which need large amounts of customized services and had to handle a huge amount of traffic. In this package, a whole server is dedicated to a single website.


•           High bandwidth and speed

•           More customized service

•           More secured and up to date service


•           Costly and need high technical knowledge to maintain

So which package you will select is according to your need. You should ask yourself some questions

•           What will be the size of your website?

•           What types of contents will be in it?

•           What will be the growth prospect of your site?

•           From which country your audience will be? etc.

Comparing the Service Features of the Different Hosting Company

There is a lot of hosting service providers available from where you can take the services. But it is wise to compare the features while choosing a company. Following are the basic features you should compare before choosing one.

Know which tools provided

The important tools for maintaining a website should be provided by a company like cPanel(control panel), FTP options, email support, different blog integrations etc.

Some security tools are also included by some providers like SSL (secured socket layer). You should compare these tools along with others a tool among the different service provides. Basically, almost every company let the customers use the demo cPanel.

Cpanel is the most important tools you will have to handle every time to maintain or build your site. So you should test it and compare with others before purchase.

The amount of storage

The amount of hard disk storage provided for your website is a vital issue. The more the storage the more you can put the contents, pages, images etc on your website. Here you don’t need the apartment or whole building if is enough with a room.

Again it is related to the price. So you should choose the vendor who provides more storage by the same or less price. Many plans offer you unlimited storage. Even if you purchase limited storage make sure there is an option of expansion of storage in the future.

Compare the bandwidth among the companies

Bandwidth is the amount of data that is allowed to render data between your site and your visitor’s device. The higher the bandwidth the greater the speed of your website. The success of a website largely depends on its visiting speeds.

Generally, a visitor bounces back when he seems that it takes more time. Most of the packages are tagged with unlimited bandwidth but they are really not. So you need to consider this issue more carefully.

To know the actual information about bandwidth see the customer’s review and consider the company reputation.

Not only see the review of the public, you should also observe the bad reviews and notice that whether the company make replies to the comment or provide any suggestion of them. A good company always replies and reviews what their customers say and try to give the solution.

Examine the technical support option

Most of the service providers offer instant technical support in 24/7. In case of your emergency, you need instant technical help. So make sure that the company you select provides instant technical support.

Check in which form you can contact with them. It is only via email, or live chat or phone call. If it is only via emails then you should keep yourself away from this company. It is good if there are all the options calls, chat and emails. To check you should make a test call.

Some Top Characteristics of the Best Web Hosting Company

•    Minimum Load time

The most again only the most important issue of your website is the load time. If your site takes a little bit more time then it is dead. A best hosting company always provide a minimum load time. Again saying the success of a site largely depends on its load time.

•    Quick Customer Support

Already said in the above that quick customer support is the significant feature of a good company. Support should be in the all possible medium like chat, emails and phone calls.

•    High Uptime

Uptime means how much time your system is up or ready to assess. The best company generally provides 99.9% uptime facilities. If your customer comes and sees that your shop is closed then it’s a possibility of losing those customers. So uptime should be as maximum as possible.

•              Location

Location of your hosting server is very important features. You have to know the location of your hosting server and also have to know the location of your targeted audience. It is better to keep the minimum distance between the host and the audience.

•              Reputation

A good company always has a good reputation. You should select a reputed vendor. You can check the different forum or social media or the customer’s reviews to measure the reputation of a company.

•    Email features

A good company gives an email feature with the hosting. Basically, almost all companies provide this feature. Therefore it the significant feature. It is free to support hosting. You will have a personal email server.

•    Control panel and User interface

Control panel is the vital tool you have to maximum time handle with it. You have to test the control panel and other user interfaces. The best company provides the handy and best compatible control panel and user interface. You should test the user interface by using a free trial.

In summary, we can tell you in short about the major steps or issues you should consider while purchasing a web hosting:

  • First of all think about your need (small, medium or large) which will be suitable for you (shared hosting, VPS or dedicated)
  • Do not buy a domain first because most of the hosting company offers a free initial domain.
  • Check the security features, back up plans and customer supports
  • Bandwidth check and the storage of the package
  • Check the uptime, load time, the location of the hosting server.
  • Check the technical support of the company.
  • Compare with the different companies features terms and condition and price
  • Check the customers’ review

Wrap up Words

Sometimes a low budgets package can give you a high functionality than a high budget. Therefore the budget is not the main factor, the main issues are which is compatible with you.

In conclusion, I want to tell you that never hurry for choosing these types of sensitive matter. Selecting a hosting is more important than your home because your business virtually stays in it. The success of your website mostly depends on hosting.

Take your time and make proper research before purchase. Never be gravitate seeing the price.Fix your need and the future consideration of your business then take the proper plan. It saves your time resources and doesn’t become your headache.

Wish you, you will be able to choose the best plan for you. Happy online.

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