Technology is improving every day. There was was a time when we use pen and paper to do our business, use fax machines as a way of business communication. Now we have a computer. We send emails to our clients. Not only that we are using online fax at our office. We are headed to a paperless workstation nowadays.

There are many online fax services in the market. Most of them don’t have a mobile application feature. Nowadays, people always look for convenient ways to communicate. 

Suppose, you are on a vacation and you need to fax something to your client. But you don’t access your online fax service. Because it does not have any mobile application.

What you can do is to use an online fax app for your android device. But you have already invested money in online fax software for your computer. Now it will be an extra cost for your business. Right?

Well, no. We have come up with the best four free fax app for your android device. We have personally tested these apps. They are authentic and completely free.


CamScanner is our top choice as the best free fax app for your android. It has powerful scanning and sharing feature. To send any file you just need to take a picture of any particular document.

It has an advanced OCR feature that will easily detect texts from images and search your desired documents easily. CamScanner Free version will provide you 10 GB cloud storage to store your documents. CamScanner allows you to send faxes in 30 countries worldwide.


We all know that eFax is one of the most popular online fax software in the market. They have a mobile app to make your life convenient. If you are an eFax user, we would recommend you to use its own app. It is completely free.

If you are not using eFax, still you can use this app. This app has an electronic signature feature that might be important for you. Besides, it has cloud storage where you can store all of your faxes. 

So, if you are using this powerful fax app, you can easily send, receive, sign, and store faxes from any location at any time.


FaxFile is another popular free fax app for your android device. If you are using FaxFile, you can send faxes to America, Canada, and many other countries. 

FaxFile allows you to send faxes who are in your contact list or any fax number. Whenever you are sending a fax to a fax number, FaxFile allows you to call on that number to ensure that the number is working.

Tiny Fax

Tiny Fax is such an android app that will make your phone a fax machine. After installing the free version of Tiny Fax from google play store, you can send photos, documents, texts, etc. to anyone you want.

If you are using Tiny Fax, you can import files to google drive, dropbox, or one drive. However, you can archive your faxes and sort them in an organized way so that you can find it easily.

Final Words

You might be thinking why we have come up with the best free fax apps for android only. Well, there is a reason behind it. In this world, there are more than 2.5 billion active Android devices. 

It clearly means there are thousands of businessmen who use android devices. This content is dedicated to them. Soon, we will come up with an article where we will discuss the best free fax apps for iOS. 

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