Product Overview

OnPay is an online payroll solution software. This software system allows you to maintain all the accounting activities so easily. Entrepreneurs found this software as one of the best solutions to their day to day complex accounting tasks.

This system allows the managers to calculate the working hours, tips earned bonuses and any other types of payouts. It can integrate other accounting software like Quickbooks, Xero, ThinkHR, etc.

Small to medium business owners mostly prefer OnPay for its very easy to use features and all in one solution for payroll, payroll taxes, and Basic HR tasks management.

QuickBooks Online Edition – Free Trial

It is very comprehensive and useful for those who think the accounting and payroll system should be very easy to handle. The mobile-friendly feature gives it extra popularity than the other software.



Other Features

  • You can run payroll for unlimited times in a month. Even you can create and choose personalized payroll for each employee.
  • OnPay will pay all the tax filings, both the state and federal pay taxes, and make the taxes paid. It will also generate a year-end tax form to print it out.
  • You will get detailed payroll reports of your employees, 40+ reports per month. You can filter the reports based on location, type of the employees, or department.
  • It makes you process your payments when you want it through mobile-friendly features. It is optimized for mobile users.
  • Make payment through payroll by direct deposit, check or debit card.
  •  You can set multiple pay schedules for your company.
  • It will help you withhold your employee’s unemployment insurance and also for the company.
  • They have a pre-designed payroll system for Farms and agriculture, Restaurants, Non-profit organizations, Churches, etc.
  • It lets employees manage their own accounts by them. OnPay gives your employees a lifetime account. They can access their tax information without your permission. It is not a matter of whether they left their jobs from your company.
  • Onpay syncs its data with other accounting and time-tracking tools like QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Xero, ThinkHR, TSheets, etc. to let you make fewer mistakes and integrate all the data.
  • OnPay has an award-winning customer support team. The team let their customers feel very happy and find solutions easily while facing any sorts of problems. Even at the weekend you can contact them via chat support, calling or emergency email support.
  • An Essential HR tool lets you manage all of your employees from one place. New employees are on-boarded simply within minutes by putting some of the basic information. Any type of HR document can be uploaded or get signed with Onpay.
  • All staffs including employees and managers can share their notes, comments, and feedback directly through messaging and announcements.
  • Get directions by accessing lots of HR management guidelines on Onpay.
  • It offers PTO approval and on-time tracking.


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Get all the solutions at a very lower cost. Payroll, benefits and HR management all services are provided only at $36 per month.

The amazing news is that you can get the first month for free to test their services out. If you find it useful and comprehensive for you, then go for the renewal and upgrade your account to the Premium.


Operating a business always a complex work for those who are new at this job. As an entrepreneur, your newly launched business should be operated maintaining the satisfaction of your employees.

If you cannot direct your employees in a proper way and maintain the system of the company, all the tasks will be scattered here and there. You will fail to fulfill the goal of your company.

The important and critical task of maintenance of a company is to maintain the wages of the employees, and calculate and pay the taxes, manage HR, get faster reports of the HR, etc.

OnPay makes it easy to handle the payroll system for everyone. Get the Onpay software and kick your pains out.

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