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Today I am gonna share a sweet and sour, no it may be sour and sweet story of my life. Though I always used to review digital products and marketing solutions, today I really give them up.

I hope this story will make you conscious of some of the unexpected issues that I have faced a few days ago. Today’s topic differs from my general blog posts. I hope you guys will find it helpful.

Let’s get started our sour and sweet journey.

Sour tastes Really Worst!

Last December I was going for a long drive at some hilarious place that I love to visit. I was driving my 2011 Hyundai Tucson: 4 door Utility, which I love much and feel comfortable to drive it.

My Friend Juli sat beside me. We both are enjoying ourselves a lot.

Suddenly, after driving almost 115Km, as we both were gossiping, I could not notice a branch of a tree that comes down on the road and it hurt my Tucson.

I was feeling very bad about my favorite car. It has broken its nice side mirror and windshield too.

The worst thing I could think of was that I could not find a glass repair shop near there. We decided to come back and look for a good repairing house that can give my Tucson the natural look.

Sweet tastes Sweet!

Think about what??

Yes, I had my car repaired with its great look with no signs of hurt. And I saved

Interested to know, how I could do this?

I wanna share with you the story of my friend who helped me.

When I was searching for quality vendors, I have found Glass.net out. At the very first, I have thought it might be one from the ordinaries.

I was wrong.

I got surprised when I found their reviews. And I decided to hire them. It was the right choice I can say. I get back my car with a refreshed and natural look having no scratch or signs of damage.

What is Glass.net?

Glass.net is a well-known and one of the leading online auto glass supplier and repair company. Glass.net is an appurtenant of Honex Interactive Industries, LLC.

It was founded in 2006 with the intent to provide innovative and efficient auto glass repair service to people at a cost that they can afford. It works to integrate customers and the glass installers together to build an economic relationship.

Glass.net offers 3 local quotes to the customers at their nearest places. This makes customers happy with finding a comparable low cost for repairing auto glasses and windshields. Glass.net Provides the Cheapest Quotes for Windshield Replacement. You will find them providing the best quotes near you.

Why You Should Replace Your Broken or Cracked Windshields and Auto glasses?

I could drive my car without the replacement of the glasses. But I think one thing. If I left it cracked, it might get worst. And maybe when I will drive, it may break into my car and hurt me.

Not only that, traffic police may charge you for this. So, I have decided not to take anymore hassle.

You may have worried about the cost of replacement. Well, let me tell you.

Glass.net can make sure you to lower the charge of windshield or glass replacement.

What you need to do is to sign there up or provide your zip code, tell them about your car model, model year, and what type of glass you wish to replace. That’s it. They will show you up to 5 free quotes available to your nearest places.

Get solved!

One important thing, if you do not repair the broken glass ASAP, it may make you cost more money now.


Glass.net will help you only in the US region. They will provide you with the cheapest glass repairing and replacement quotes only if you are in the USA. Through glass.net, you will find professional auto glass installers and they may offer you for lifetime service warranty.

They are trustworthy and faithful. You can deal with them without having a cent percent risk of spamming.  

See real customer reviews. Be a partner and create a place for you to drop a review on glass.net.

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