Whether you are doing a job or business, a good career is important in life. A good career will create an identity for you in the marketplace. Whatever you want to do as a career you need networking with people in your industry. It helps you to grow.

Linkedin is a social media platform where you can connect with people from different industries. It is a place where you can get job opportunities, and meet the market leaders. 

The job market or business competition is huge nowadays. We need to update ourselves to keep pace with the market. The only thing that can help us to keep pace is study. We have to enroll in different courses to upgrade ourselves. But we don’t have time to go to universities and different institutions to learn. Due to the blessings of technology, we learn from online sources like Udemy. 

Linkedin has introduced LinkedIn learning and the Lynda course for its members. Linkedin has bought Lynda and opened it for LinkedIn users with a minimum amount of subscription fees.

What is Linkedin learning and Lynda Course?

Lynda.com is now Linkedin Learning Lynda. It is a leading online learning platform. Linkedin learning Lynda courses will help you to learn business, software, technology, and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. 

Lynda courses are very popular and many organizations like Adobe, NBC, USC are using Lynda as an authentic resource of learning.


Lynda has a collection of unlimited courses regarding Business, Design, Web, Photography, and Marketing. The only reason I love Lynda is because of its two great features. They are unlimited access and expert teachers.

You might say Udemy has also expert teachers and unlimited access. Then why we should go for Lynda by Linkedin? Well, yes Udemy has unlimited access but all the courses are paid. But here, you can access all the courses with a flat monthly subscription fee.

Here, you will find quality content because all the teachers are experts in their fields and the quality of the courses has been highly maintained.

Why should use Lynda from LinkedIn?

Lynda from LinkedIn is not for those who are interested in a specific topic. If you want to learn different topics at an affordable price, you should join Lynda from LinkedIn. There are some other reasons that make me feel tempted to using Lynda.

  1. High-quality content: All the contents of LinkedIn learning are undoubtedly high-quality content. All the contents of lynda.com are also available in LinkedIn learning.
  2. Comprehensive data and progress: In LinkedIn learning, all the Data, including groups, playlists, assigned content, account settings, and histories have been migrated automatically.
  3. Learner course video page: All of the features and functionality of LinkedIn learning is similar to lynda.com including transcripts, exercise files, mobile viewing, and bookmarking.
  4.  One month free trial: Lynda from LinkedIn is offering one-month free access to all the courses. It is a great opportunity to go through Lynda from LinkedIn if you have never used it before.

Still confused!

You might be still confused about Lynda from LinkedIn. It is obvious that if you have never used it, you should think twice before using anything. But I would recommend you use it because it will provide you a certificate of completion and Lynda from LinkedIn in the fourth prioritized online education platform.

They are offering a month free access to all the courses. So, you can have a try. Look through all the courses. If you like it then alright. If you don’t then go for another platform. But I personally think that if you are a person who loves to learn different things, this is the place you should be looking for.

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