Nowadays, if you want to do online business and want your website on the first page of Google search engine, the only way is to do SEO for your website.

If you have an SEO optimized website, there is enough chance to get more organic traffic.

Isn’t it cool?

I guess yes.

Because, this is the only way by which you can get authentic organic traffic for free. But, SEO is not that much easy.

If you are new to SEO, it is better to hire a professional SEO expert for your website, or if you want to do it by yourself, you can read my article on Common SEO techniques you should know as a webmaster.

But I want to recommend you not to SEO for your website by yourself if you are a newbie.

I will explain the reason to you. When you will do SEO you have to analyze your competitors and for that task, you have to maintain much software.

If are new to the industry, it will not be easy for you to cope up with these software and tools within one day. Without proper knowledge it could be a mess.

As I have already discussed the best SEO tips and techniques with you all, now I would like to discuss the best SEO analysis tools with you.

It is actually important because this is the only way you can analyze your competitor’s movement and beat them so that your website can rank easily.

There was a time when SEO was very easy. You need to post contents on you website, do some backlinks and you will see your website on the first page of the search engines. But now, things are totally different.

Google has frequently updating their algorithm and this could ruin all of your investments. Lots of people ask me about the best SEO analysis tools and how to avoid Google penalty and all, this article is for you guys.

I have mentioned several tools. Some of them are free to use and some of them are paid. Read the article carefully. Try to use these tools to analyze while you are doing SEO.

So, why are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a process of getting organic, natural traffic on your website for free. If you want to know more about SEO then read the article on what is SEO?

Best Free SEO Analysis Tools

I have researched and tested at least hundreds of SEO tools, and found some of them very effective. Most of the tools are free, some of them are paid. If you don’t want to invest right now, use the free ones.

They will give you almost same service as the paid will give you. There is nothing to worry about.

Google Keyword Planner, Analytics and Search Console

It is one of the best free SEO tools. It has lots of features like, you can find keywords with keywords planner, analyze trends and even you can uncover and solve your websites on page SEO issues.

You can gather and analyze all the SEO data with Google sheets. Besides, page speed insights will help you to check how much fast your website loading time is. If you are a newbie, start with this tool. Trust me it’s simply amazing.

Answer the Public

This amazing tool actually brings Google autocomplete queries together as a bulk and divides it into different lists. If you want to do keyword research with this tool, it will provide keywords that will be more than enough.

Though it is free but it has some limitations as well. If you are using it for a new site, it will definitely help you but for an existing site, you need to knock some other door my friend.

Ahref’s Free Backlink Checker

This free backlink checker will show approx. top 100 backlinks to any webpage or website. It will show you the five most linked to pages, most common anchor texts, the total number of backlinks and lots more.

Besides, you will be able to see proprietary Domain Rating (DR) and URL Rating (UR) scores.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is an amazing free seo plugin for wordpress. If you are using WordPress CMS for your website, close your eyes and start using it. It will be the best choice for you.

You can add title tag, meta tag, description, generate instant sitemaps and lots more. I personally use it for my website. To me, this is the only plugin that any wordpress user will ever need.


Keyworddit is such an amazing tool that will help you to understand your niche topic in depth and will give you an idea of what your customer or audience needs.

It will pull out keywords from reddit. You just need to write subreddit and it will bring out a list of hundreds of keywords with monthly search volumes for you.

SEO Webpage Analyzer

It a tool for your websites internal issues analyzer. It means this tools will help you to find out any image’s missing alt tag, title tag, meta tag, meta description, internal and external links, heading structure etc. Besides, it will show your on page SEO score out of hundred.

Link Miner

Link Miner is basically a chrome extension. It will help you to find out broken link building opportunities.

It is a useful tool for you guys. With just one click you can export the list of broken links to a CSV which includes, status code information, link type etc.

Keywords Everywhere

It is also a Google extension tool. It will show you the search volume, CPC Competition information for Google as well as all major search engines.

It is one of my favorite tool as well. No matter what if you are shopping on amazon or ebay or watching videos on YouTube, if you have installed this extension on your chrome, it will start working and will show you the keywords.

You need an API Key to use this extension. What you need to do is to sign up on their website and get the key and use it.


If you want to check your Google rank, this will be the best tools recommended from my side. This tool allows you to check up to five keywords at a time.

You don’t need to do registration or pay any money. It’s completely free. What to need to do is to enter your domain URL and keywords. It will show you the results.


GTMetrix will help you to analyze your website loading speed. It will also shows you the performance score of your website and recommends on how making your website more faster.


This tool will show you the estimated amount of total traffic on your website by source and location. You can also see from which websites you are getting the most referred traffic.

Robots.txt Generator

Robots.txt is a file that should be available on every web server. It is such a file that allows which page to crawl or not.

By using Robots.txt generator you can easily generate a robots.txt file within seconds. Those who are expert, always use custom file to add some individual rules for various bots and subdirectories.

Google’s Mobile Friendly Test

In today’s world, most of the people do their shopping online and most of them have done their shopping via mobile. So, if you want to do business online, your website must be mobile friendly.

Google’s recent algorithm has a policy called mobile first indexing. That says, if your website is not mobile responsive you are definitely in a big trouble.

Feeling worried?

Don’t worry.

As you know that I am your problem solver. I have solution for this problem as well. You don’t need to hire a developer for that. Just use mobile friendly test tool and you are safe now.

Seed Keywords

If you are looking for fresh keywords, I would recommend you to go for this tool. If you have used other tools to find keywords, you will see most of the result is same because they work in the same way.

But Seed keywords work differently. With the help of this tool you will be able to know what customers are looking for and what keywords they use to search for something.


SEMRush is the most popular and one of my personal favorite tool for SEO analyzing. It will help you to copy your competitor’s keyword.

Free version of this tool is actually pretty cool and provides accurate results. But I would recommend you to use the paid version (if possible) to get some awesome features.

The reason I always prefer SEMRush because it shows the exact keyword that your competitor has already ranked for and it will provide you all the necessary information regarding your competitor.


If you want a deep dive for your website SEO analysis, Seobility is there for you. If your website have seo optimizing issues like slow loading pages, blocked pages, sitemap problems etc. this tool will let you know about that.

Besides, it will let you know if there are content issues like thin content, missing meta tags, duplicate contents etc. This tool is completely free. So, you can give it a trial.


It is a simple tool. You just need to write a keyword and it will show you a list of hundreds of keywords. It also shows you CPC, search volume etc.

The best part is that you can filter out something you don’t want to see. Ubersuggest is free, simple tool that you should use for SEO analysis.

Wordtracker Scout

Wordtracker Scout is an amazing tool. It helps you to steal your competitors keyword but with a different approach.

How? Let me tell you.

Wordtracker does not show you a list of keywords. They will show you the common terms of a page. In this way you can go through your competitor’s website, browse their content and find out which keywords they are using.

Not only that, this tool will show you the search volume and competition ratio as well.

KW finder

KW finder is a legit keyword tool that every SEO experts are using. If you think it is like other free keyword research tool, probably you have been mistaken.

It will help you to let you know that how many links you actually need to rank your keyword. This is the best feature of this tool.

Beam us up

It is a free SEO Crawler and only available for windows. If you are a mac user you can go for screaming frog. Both of the tools are same.

It will crawl up to 500 web pages. Though it is free but it has lots of features on paid version.

 Best paid SEO Analysis tools

I always recommend people to use paid tools. If you are thinking to earn your living without investing anything, you are living in your dreams my friend.

I personally tested these paid tools and they are simply amazing.

If you are thinking to use premium SEO analysis tools then go for it. Otherwise free tools discussed above will be fine.

Majestic SEO

It is a toolkit for site explorer and backlink checker. You can get a detailed report on keywords, citation flow, anchor text (of your backlink) and detailed backlink history.

Majestic SEO offers three pricing plans for their customers. You can choose any one based on your needs.

Whichever plans you take, you will get the same reports. There is nothing to worry about that. Other than that, you will get some extra features on each plans.


MOZ is a famous name in the field of SEO and one of my personal favorite. It is also familiar as “Open Site Explorer”.

It will give you a complete access of any user friendly software. MOZ allows you to keep continuous track of website rankings, analysis of your social media followers, checking and making comparison of backlinks across multiple URLS, analysis of the keywords etc.

Advanced Web Ranking

If you are looking for a sophisticated SEO analyzing software, one name would definitely be Advanced Web Ranking. It will help you to rank tracking, competitor analysis, social media monitoring, website optimization and lots more.

However, if you are in need of a software that will show you the specific keywords for which your competitors website has ranked, then I would recommend you to go for it.

SEO PowerSuit

SEO PoweSuit is an amazing all in one SEO tool for you. It combines all the SEO facilities like site auditing, link building, rank tracking functions together.

SEO PowerSuit is a combination of four tools, they are, Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, LinkAssistant, and SEO SpyGlass. If you want any of them, you can purchase them separately..


Last but not the least, Ahref.

Yes, Ahref.

I hope all of you have heard the name before?


This is one of the best SEO tool I have ever used. It is the only tool that uses their own index of live links to provide SEO information.

Ahref includes, Site Explorer, SEO Report, Backlinks Report, Domain Comparison, and Batch Analysis. If you ask my opinion about Ahref, I would say no comment, just try it now.

 Final Words

Finally, we are at the end of our content. All these tools have been personally tested and recommended to you. Some of them are my favorites.

I hope you have enjoyed the content. If you like and enjoyed the article please share it and if I missed anything, please do let me know. I will always here to help you.

I will end this content today with a bonus tip and that is Google is your best friend. Google will help you to find out guest post opportunities.

Besides, you can have keyword ideas from the related searches section. I hope it will be helpful for you. This is it.

I will come soon with an another interesting content for you. Till then keep tuning to our website.

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