Travelling is the most wonderful thing I have enjoyed ever. Whenever I got some free time I go for travelling. Travelling reenergizes my body and makes my mind cool.

 I think everyone loves travelling, isn’t it?

But it is true that travelling sometimes can be tiring and stressful. Without proper planning and consideration the trip can become a complex and stressful journey.

things to do before traveling abroad

 If you love travelling and you are excited to go somewhere to travel then in this guideline you will find something really helpful for your next trip.

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And you will also relieve from unnecessary stress arose in travel. So don’t be overwhelmed and enjoy your trip.

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If you are excited to go for a trip internationally then passport, currency, schedules, locations, airfare, hotel, cars have to be considered very carefully.  Let’s start our discussion of what you should manage and arrange to get prepared for a trip.

Passport and Visa

Make sure that your passport is up to date. Before going abroad for travel you must make sure that your passport has a valid date for at least six months after your return date.

Check the expiration date of your passport immediately before traveling. Check your visa also. If you have less than two months for the expiring date of your visa then immediately apply for a visa extension.

Travel Insurance

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Buy travel insurance because before your health insurance won’t cover you while you’re travelling abroad. So depending on where you’re going, make sure that you are considering buying medical evacuation and emergency medical insurance.

travel checklist

Travel insurance covers medical evacuation. Medical evacuation provides medical emergency transportation expenses also. Travel insurance also provides protection against trip cancellation and interruption during travel.

Check Climate and Travel Warnings

 Where you are traveling you must find out on the internet or news that you are going to a safe place. Travel warnings should be known before you go where long-term issues can create a risky environment for travelers, or a travel alert.

Climates should be known before going to anywhere because it can destroy your enjoyment and can cause travel. So make sure that you are known to your destinations.

Pack Your Baggage

 I believe that any trip can lead to a life changing adventure so it is important to pack my bag before travelling any place. You should take enough clothes with you. Don’t forget umbrella if you are going in rainy season.

Pack your bag with necessary equipments which you will need during travelling. I always prefer to take simple and cheap jewellery with me while travelling because precious things can be snatched by thieves.

DSLR camera should be taken carefully because we all know that tourists are more attacked by snatchers for cameras. So be careful about it.

If you wear prescription glasses it will be good to take an extra pair for safety. When you carry something valuable goods in your trip then lock it in hotel safely before going outside.

Keep your luggage locked while you are outside and even when you are travelling by air or bus.

Stock Your Wallet

 If you want to take credit card with you then choose one or two credit cards to take along with you, and immediately call the issuers before you leave to inform them of which countries you will visit.

Otherwise, your credit card will be denied if the issuer found the international activity suspicious.

Now Traveler’s checks are no longer universally accepted, and you may have trouble using them in many countries, especially the less developed countries.

Instead, you can use your bank card to withdraw money from ATMs in all the most exotic destinations. Memorize your numeric PIN, as many ATM keypads will not display the numbers and letters we normally use as pin.

Write down your credit card numbers in a diary, but don’t keep the diary in your wallet or luggage because if it lost you may fall in a great problem.

Final Words

Though traveling is very enjoyable, some problems may arise. If you plan for your tour and make proper arrangements with all necessary things you can skip many unfair issues that could arise.

The above points are some of the very basic things that you must before going to travel. By following these simple guidelines before travelling you can keep yourself safe from unnecessary hazaerds.

Wish you a very good trip to your next travel and hope you enjoy the travel.

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